To report your child's absence please call the school office on 01925 415544 and press option 1.  You will be required to leave your child's full name and a reason for their absence.


Government legislation now requires pupils to attain 97% school attendance.  The government also requires schools to measure 'Persistent Absenteeism'.  This is defined as children who miss 10% or more of their schooling for any reason, from the beginning of the school year to the end of any given half term period.

The table below illustrates how many sessions are the equivalent of 10% (each session equates to half a day).


Persistent Absence at 10 %

Number of Days off School

September - October 7 or more sessions 3.5 days
September - Christmas 14 or more sessions 7 days
September - February 20 or more sessions 10 days
September - Easter 25 or more sessions 12.5 days
September - May 31 or more sessions 15.5 days

Children missing school due to term time holidays can directly lead to our school falling below national averages for Persistent Absence. We fully understand the financial pressures parents face when booking holidays but must stress that we cannot authorise any holiday requests. We cannot stress enough that any absence has an impact on the education of each child.