The start of the school day

School gates open at 8.35am.

Unless your child is in Year 6 (or Year 5 in the summer term), they should be walked to their classroom door. Classroom doors open at 8.40am.

Gates will close at 8.45am prompt. If your child arrives after this time, please ensure that they enter via the main school office and sign them in at the main desk.


Our Early Years children have lunch at 11.45am and return to classrooms at 12.50pm.

KS1 children have lunch between 11.50am and 12.50pm.

KS2 children have lunch between 12.10pm and 1.00pm

If possible, please avoid collecting your child for appointments during lunchtime as logistically, with the children at play it can take some time to locate your child.

The end of the school day

For our Early Years and KS1 children, the school day ends at 3.10pm.

For children in KS2, the school day ends at 3.15pm.

Children, apart from those in year 6 (or Year 5 in the summer term), should be collected from their classroom door.