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Polish Week

Zpedzilismy wspaniale czas robiac Polskie jedzenie.


To celebrate Polish Week, Year 6 made a selection of traditional Polish recipes.  We are very fortunate to have Susan in Year 6 who was born in Poland but moved to the UK recently.  She was brilliant at helping us translate the meaning of the recipe names and even typed the sentence above which translated reads, 'We had a fabulous time making Polish food.'

We worked in groups to prepare all the ingredients and we made:

Polish Red Cabbage Salad with Apple and Onion

Polish Vegetable Salad

Sernik Na Zimno - Polish No-Bake Cheesecake

Surowka - Polish Carrot and Apple Salad

Polish Cake

Here we are in full Masterchef mode!!

Inspirational Learning (that's what Year 6 is all about!!)

In year 6, we believe that inspiration comes from our 'family of learners'.  We are inspired by others around us and we are continually showing how our inspirational learning is helping us to develop our own self belief, confidence and learning.  We are the future!  A future that listens and is proud to share knowledge and skills.  Here are some of the ways we do this in Year 6.


This is our working wall where we can showcase work chosen by ourselves to display.  We are confident to share with others why we are proud of this work and we hope it will provide inspiration.

As well as this, our 'Wonder Wall' gives us the opportunity to share what we have learnt with others and to tell our fellow pupils what we are proud to have learnt!!

A picture paints a thousand words.



What does it mean to you? 

What do you know about the slave trade?

Who were slaves?

Does slavery exist today?

These were all questions that we considered when we began our unit about slavery.  We have learnt a great deal and have been both surprised, shocked, saddened yet inspired by the courage and determination of people who have fought and are still fighting human trafficking.  

As such, we tuned our creative skills to produce artwork representing slavery.  Can you interpret them?  Think about colours and patterns and what they may represent.

This is an ongoing art project and will evolve over the coming weeks.

Watch this space!!


Update, update, update!!

Our artwork, inspired by slavery, is progressing well!  Watch out for the finished article!

"We were not slaves who came from foreign lands. We were people who were taken against our will from our homelands and turned into slaves."

Breaking News!!

Our slavery display is finished! We are extremely proud of all the elements.  We think we have represented slavery in a very fair, just and realistic way. What do you think?

Celebrating Difference!

During our Anti-Bullying Week, we spent a fantastic, fun filled afternoon in our pastoral care groups celebrating difference and our own uniqueness.  We designed an individual jigsaw piece about ourselves and what makes us unique.  These jigsaw pieces will form one huge jigsaw to create our Westbrook Old Hall Family jigsaw.  

We also wore different socks to school!!

Exploring, Teambuilding, Recall Skills

In Maths Club, we have been working as a team to complete a hexagonal jigsaw by using our super fast recall skills of multiplication and divsion facts!!

Exploring Cube Numbers

Ever wanted to know what makes a cube number a cube number?  No fear... Year 6 are here!!  

We physically made cube numbers with cubes!!  This really helped us to understand!!

Lest We Forget

We have been remembering all who have fallen in wars around the world.  We researched and sourced quotes from a range of famous individuals and chose excerpts from inspirational poetry written by famous war poets.

As well as this, we paid our own respects to those who lost their lives in wars across the globe and created a remembrance page in their honour.

Enslaved Africans

We wrote poems about the Transatlantic Slave Trade to represent the treacherous lives of innocent West African citizens who were forced into slavery.

As well as this, we created African textiles and patterns to symbolise their beautiful cultures.

We crafted the outline of a West African person and decorated this to denote their traditional headwear and fabrics, writing our poems onto the body.

Let's Revise!!

We have worked with a partner to compile and design revision posters to help us with Maths and English.  They will be displayed in the classroom for everyone to see!!




We all had a fantastic time at The Road to Gold Coast multi-sport event at Orford Hub on Wednesday 27th June.  The whole of Year 6 spent the entire day competing in a range of different sporting events including tennis, cycling, athletics and orienteering.  It was a great experience for all involved; we even got to play cricket, volleyball and had lots of fun in the inflatable zone!