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Congratulations to all our fantastic 'Red Tie' recipients this week!



Liam Russell

Harvey O'Brien

Harrison Conley

Hajrah Ayub

Harry Avraam



smileyEmoji Day in Year 6smiley

Friday 10th March 2017

Having earned our 200 'emojies' we celebrated in style with a fantastic 'Day off in school'.  Here's our best bits of the day...

Up Periscope!!!

In our Science lessons we have been exploring light and how it travels.  We thought about whether light was able to bend? In order to investigate this further, we followed a set of instructions to make a periscope using cardboard, 2 mirrors and masking tape.  We then assembled the materials, placing the mirrors at carefully measured angles and constructed a periscope.  We predicted we thought might happen (light would/would not bend).  

We decided that a great way to investigate further would be to 'spy' on another class using the periscope. We discovered that light can reflect and deflect and allow us to see around corners.

We then wrote up a scientific investigation based on our aims, methods, results and conclusion.

Superheroes come to Assembly!

Thanks to these wonderful actors for helping Ms J with her assembly on this months school value of "Love".

Exploring Mass in Maths!


A World of Pure Imagination!!

In English, we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  We have also watched both versions of the film and are comparing and contrasting the film versions and the book.

We re-created 'Mr Wonka's Sweet Shop' and tested lots of different sweets and chocolates to help us find great adjectives to describe how they tasted and smelt, what they looked like and any sounds that they made when we ate them.

After that, we invented our own sweets and chocolate by creating a name for them, designing them and used our imagination to give our creations magical properties.


Learning through Drama

by Molly and Emma-Jane

This week in English we have been working through a reading comprehension.  The text was a narrative called 'The Laughing Snowman.' Molly suggested that it would be helpful to act out the story so that we could fully understand the text and the effect the language had on the reader.  We felt we could show this through our interpretation of the story in our acting.

We worked as a team and took on different roles and we appointed a director (Zoe) to guide us with our lines, our positioning on stage and how we acted out the different parts.  We then filmed the final version, after we had practised a few times.  We both feel this helped us to understand what we had read and felt we were able to connect with the characters.  This helped us to understand and confidently answer a range of questions based on the text.

practising with our director

Practical Maths

by Mikail and Miriam

As we are celebrating Harvest, the school community wanted to raise money to help children who do not have enough food and water, especially those children living in countries where wars are taking place.  

During our Maths lesson, we collected up the 'Save the Children' envelopes that our school community had donated for our Harvest celebration.

Firstly, we emptied the contents of all the envelopes onto the floor in our class.  Then we stacked the different amounts together so that all the 1p's were together, 2p's etc.  We split into different groups who were responsible for counting the different amounts.

The individual groups counted up their amounts and then each group gave Mr Moore their totals.  Mr Moore put all the totals on the board and tasked us to add them together.  We did this individually and compared our answers with others.  Fortunately, we all got the same amount!  The grand total was £341.13! Thanks to everyone who donated!!!

Active Maths!



What better way to celebrate Greek Week than preparing our own Greek salads by following a recipe and then taste testing!!