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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6, the year that is packed with fun, learning, exciting opportunities and challenges that you're sure to grasp, embrace and take on!


To help you on your journey, this year group features:

  • Mr Moore 
  • Ms Tipping
  • Mrs Lloyd
  • Mr Oates (Music)
  • Mr Cochoran (French)
  • Miss Connor (PE)

Take your seat, buckle up and let's go...

A few helpful tips to start:

  • Maths homework is set on Tuesday and is due in on Friday.
  • English homework is set on Friday and is due in on Tuesday.
  • We love to read in Year 6 - tell us all about your reading journey for the week by entering at least 5 comments in your Reading Journal.  Journals should be brought in every day and Mrs Lloyd just loves reading your comments on Mondays! If you read at least 5 times and enter 5 comments in your record, you'll get a dot!!! 

Our 'Virtual' Wiggly, Waggly Wall of Wonderful Work!

Art Project - Galapagos Animals

Friday 15th January



We are very grateful to a past member of staff, who has kindly donated a whole host of replicated artefacts relating to the Second World War, to Year 6.

Today we were able to explore, investigate, read and make our own observations on this amazing collection.

These include replicated newspapers, letters, ration books, information leaflets and photographs (to name but a few).

Watch this space to find out more about our exploritive history session...

The Heart and The Human Circulatory 


By Connie, Lola, Anya and Heidi


Over the past few weeks in Science, we have been learning about and studying the heart and the human circulatory system.


To begin with, we considered our enquiry question:



What is the function of the human body system, which if laid out end to end, would wrap around the earth's circumference (the globe) 2.5 times - approximately 100,000 km (or 60,000 miles)?

Visit from our Community PCSO's

Friday 20th November

We were very excited to welcome our Police Community Service Officers into school today to coincide with Anti-Bullying Week.

They came to talk to us about the impacts of cyber bullying and how we can all keep ourselves safe online, as well as discussing things we should do if we receive unwanted or inappropriate messages via social media or text.

We also discussed the importance of being kind and taking time to stop and think before we send anything over social media or text that could have a negative impact on others.

Anti-Bullying Week

Wear Your Odd Socks

Friday 20th November


We have had a great week looking at and discussing ways in which we can all 'STAND TOGETHER' against bullying.


Our theme was linking the idea that we all play a part in treating others with kindness, respect and understanding, regardless of our differences.


In fact, we know it is all about celebrating difference and recognising that we are all unique individuals.


We have created our own hand print where we have chosen our five trusted friends and trusted adults who we could talk to if we were having any difficulties in school or even outside of school.


The week has culminated in a crescendo of odd socks to represent difference and uniqueness, while, at the same time, being the same and equal.



Even Westie wore his odd socks to celebrate difference!