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Year 6

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Nana's Homework by: Grace Giblin's Nana

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YEAR 6 Working from Home


Hello home learners!  We will be adding your online learning every morning for Maths, English, and a topic from the Broad and Balanced Curriculum.  Please make sure that you check all the Star icons to discover the wonderful learning in store!  Remember, stay positive, be wonderful and responsible learners and do your best.  You've got this.  We'll see you soon.


Remember how we talked about your English skills needing to be fully on display in your Science, History, RE, PSHE work etc?  Well, Mr Moore and I have been noticing that some of you are not paying attention to this.  Your work MUST ALWAYS be at the standard expected of a good Year 5/6 learner - or at least show evidence of you really trying your best.  We trust we don't need to say anymore!


To help you with that planning we talked about, we have attached a timetable covering the duration of our isolation.


Broadly speaking, you have 3 different sessions each day: an English lesson; a Maths lesson; and a lesson from the Broad and Balanced Curriculum.


Be sure to plan a timetable for yourself which allows you to spend a good 60 - 75 minutes (approximately an hour and 15 minutes) on each session - about the same time as a lesson would take in school.  Likewise, plan for little breaks: one in the morning; one in the afternoon and take the usual hour for lunch.  After that, it's FREEDOM - your time is your own!  Crossing off the sessions as you go, is always a great feeling!


Come on, you know it makes sense!  We need to come back strong next Friday, and this is how you will make sure that you do.  Should you fall behind with anything - a little catch up when 'BORED' at the weekend, wouldn't do anyone any harm.  By the way, you are all far too SMART to be BORED!