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Year 6

This page is updated every Thursday to match when the children had their classroom music lesson.


Music is a practical subject.



Good afternoon, Y6!


Below are some activities for you to do in the coming week from Thursday 26th March.


Sing Rio De Janeiro and compose your own lyrics/melody/rap for the middle section of this recording.


If you play an instrument, can you improvise a short melodic phrase to play with the song?


Use the music below to play along with the song.




Rio De Janeiro by John Oates

Can you compose new lyrics? Can you sing or rap these lyrics in time with the backing track?

Extension Tasks: All these tasks can be found on the previous page in the gold MUSIC STAR.


1) Sing the 'Wash Your Hands' song. Practise and make your own hand actions for it.


2) Listen to Music & Learn about Composers - Week 1 - 23rd March - Mozart's Piano Sonata No.11


3) Music Theory - Note names of the treble clef


4) Compose your own music - week 1 - 23rd March


5) Learn about the instruments of the orchestra.