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smileyWelcome to Year 6smiley

Congratulations to all our fantastic 'Red Tie' recipients this week!




Will Charnock

Thomas Jacobs

(can you spot the photo bomber?)




A few pictures from our amazing trip!

More to follow so watch this space...

Year 6 - SAT's Reward Day

We had a great time celebrating all the hard work, effort and

commitment we have all put in for SAT's this year!



Euro 16 Football Tournament

Our Year 6 Football Tournament kicked into action this week and saw Iceland, Czech Republic, Turkey and France as the first Countries to take to the field at break time.  

Fair play, teamwork, dedication and fun have shone through this week. Many thanks to our referees and assistants, match reporter (Samhita) and photographer (Megan).  

The Cheerleading Squad have been hard at work rehearsing their fantastic moves, supporting all the teams throughout the week on the sidelines.

Watch this space for further Tournament news and reports!!




Match Report


Monday morning 23rd May 2016

by Samhita


The first exciting football match of the season, France vs. Iceland. The match kicked off with Noah giving the ball a flying kick trying to score for his team, but unfortunate for Iceland, France's Scott lifted up the score to 1-0. 


Just as Iceland fans gave up hope the Iceland football team changed the scoring to 1-1. As Iceland made their first mark, they started to play hard, focus hard; Iceland found it hard to score because ever since they scored France had been more concentrated on goal defense and blocking more than anything.


Everything was going great for France until one of their top players went a little too overboard and got themselves a warning. Then Iceland started to go back up again in teamwork, but sadly  went down in scores.


Then the game came to full-time, which meant the match was over and had ended on a draw.


Man of the match - Finlay Scott.

Maths Reasoning

We had a great time in Mr Moore's maths lesson devising our own worded problems.  We then challenged others to work through them and solve them!  We had to use our English skills to ensure the challenges made sense and our reasoning and calculation skills to work them out!



Mocktail Anyone?

We had a great time in Maths making mocktails based on our own recipes. We worked in groups to choose the ingredients and decide how much of each ingredient we would use.  We based our recipe on serving four people.  We then calculated how much of each ingredient we would need for 8 people and then 12 people.

We made our mocktails and taste tested them.


We thought about the skills we used to make our mocktails.  A lot of these skills were everyday life skills.



Common Sense



Measuring and understanding units of measure (ml, l, g)



Time management




Our egg-cellent, egg-citing eggs!

(Do you get it?!?)

Watercolour Landscape Painting

Mr Moore and Ms Tipping taught us some watercolour skills.

It's a lot harder than you think!!


In Year 6, we are all proud of the work we produce on a daily basis.  Our wiggly, wagolly wall of wonderful work (named by us!!), gives us the opportunity to display and comment on pieces of work that we have completed to a high standard and that we are proud to share with others.

Here is just a smidgen of our amazing work!  Watch this space. There's much, much more to come...




By Scott and Cheyenne

In Learning for Life, we have been looking at water and how it is used in our environment.  By doing this, we have raised our awareness of how much water we use in the UK on a daily basis.

In order to explore this further, we used a surface map of our school.  Firstly, we walked around the perimeter of the school and marked on the map sources of water that we identified.  Examples of water sources around the outside of the school were drains, gutters, grids, air conditioning units, taps and hoses.

Then, we walked around the interior of the school and looked for sources of water usage, marking them on our map as we found them.

We found lots of different sources of water inside the school such as toilets, taps, radiators and pipework.

After that, we carried out an activity on the internet to help us understand how we use water on a daily basis.

Did you know that one shower can use between 15-30 gallons of water?

Flushing the toilet uses between 4-7 gallons of water - that's 18-21 litres.  We converted gallons (which are imperial units of measure) to litres (which are metric units of measure).


Year 6 Mothers' Day

Still image for this video
Je t'aime Maman


Still image for this video
Je t'aime, Maman <3<3


Can you guess who we are and the book we are in?

Discursive Writing

In our English lessons, we have been focusing on writing discursive texts.  Based on a range of topics, we have introduced, argued for and against and written a conclusion.  Have a read! What do you think?

Information Leaflets about Light

Ma Ville

Still image for this video
Alain & Nathan are saying where they are going in town and how they are getting there.

A Visit from Cheshire Phoenix Basketball Team

by Lilly May and Aaron

On Wednesday 10th February 2016, we were visited by players from the Cheshire Phoenix Basketball Team.  

They spoke to us about the importance of eating healthy and how you should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your energy levels high and keep yourself hydrated.

Also, they talked to us about the damaging effects that smoking has on your body.

Setting challenges, they got us thinking about healthy lifestyles, which we discussed in detail.

Amazingly, they gave out two signed basketballs to the people who had played an active part in the session.  As well as this, they also gave everyone a free ticket to their home game on Sunday and a booklet about the history of the team.

It was a really good afternoon!  We learnt a lot about the benefits of choosing a healthy lifestyle.

We actually couldn't believe how tall the players were and the size of their feet!

frown EMOJI DAY smiley

On Monday 8th February we celebrated all our hard work and achievements with a special 'emoji' reward day!

Own clothes, games, treats, music, ipads, and a DVD were enjoyed by the whole of Year Six!








Continuing our investigations into light, we have been making our own periscopes to explore how light travels.

We applied our maths skills as to measure accurately!


Mr Moore's Class have been investigating how light creates shadows.

An interview with Millie, Edward, Stephen and Leah

We're learning about light in science.  We went on the playground and somebody stood and made a pose.  Another person then drew around the shadow of the pose.

We noticed that if the sun is high in the sky, shadows are longer and when the sun gets lower, the shadow becomes smaller.



Ms Tipping's Class are carrying out a range of experiments to investigate whether light travels in a straight line.

An interview with Sruthi, Erin, Noah and Joe

We've been getting all the equipment ready for our science experiments.  We want to find out if light travels in a straight line.

Sruthi and Erin

We're going to be making a periscope to test how light travels.

Joe and Noah

We've got three boards and we're going to cut out a triangle in one and a circle in the other.  We will pass light through the shapes onto the blank board to explore how the light travels.

South America

We have really enjoyed working together to produce our non-chronological reports on South America.  Have a look!  Gracias!!

Nuestro Proyecto de Sudamerica

In Case of Emergency - Call Year 6!


Our Learning Wall

We are enjoying expressing our learning through our learning wall.  

As you can see, we are proud to show what we have learnt and how we have done it!!  

Enjoying our Haloween Disco!! Scary Stuff!!

nofrownOur Reward Systemsurprisemail

As a year group we have devised our own reward system.  It's all about dots (awarded for great work, positive attitude, and an 'I can' approach to our learning).  Ten dots and we get an emoji.  Three emojis and we're presented with a unique 'Red Tie' in Celebration Assembly on Friday.  We wear our 'Red Tie' with pride all week to show we are amazing role models!