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Year 5

In class we have been learning how to find fractions of numbers and quantities. The website above is a fun way of practising this skill! 
Please remember to do your Maths Homework for Friday!

Here are the 'Times Table Songs' that we have been using in class to help us learn our times tables. You might want to use them to help you practise at home.




We hope that you enjoyed your first half term in Year 5! We enjoyed getting to know you all and learning lots of new and interesting things.


In case you want to do any further research into 'Our Solar System' above is the link that we were using in class.




Our Creative Curriculum topic this half term is 'Why is Brazil in the News again?'. Can you find any facts out about Brazil before you come back to school?


In Science this half term we will be learning about forces. We will be doing lots of investigations, so it should be great fun!


This half term you will be doing some Design and Technology work. You might even be designing your own toy...smiley


In PE we will be learning how to play Seated Volleyball, Scorpion Volleyball and doing some Circuit Training.


Enjoy your holiday and we look forward to seeing you all after a well earned break!


Just a reminder - Don't forget to do your MyMaths homework and try to keep your 'Moon Diaries' up to date.

Welcome back to Year 5


Year 5 is a very busy year in school, in terms of the curriculum.

Our curriculum is full of fun things to find out about and to explore.

Our curriculum for the Spring 1 term is:

English- mystery and suspense stories.

You can log in to www.the literacyshed.co.uk to watch short stories supporting our English curriculum. You can watch the KS1 and KS2  films . The short film about the origins of LEGO is particularly good.

Maths- multiplication and division ( including times tables).

Art- creating a 3D structure.

Science- Life Cycles and the circle of life.

PE- hockey, football  and scorpion handball.

Computing- creating a book, pamphlet or leaflet  about our school.

History- The Shang Dynasty.


We will be visiting Jodrell Bank on Tuesday 27th January.


Just as a little reminder:

  • PE is on Monday and Friday. You should bring in a t-shirt, shorts, pumps and a track suit to cover all aspects of PE.
  • Homework. Maths homework is given out on Tuesday and collected in on Friday. As well as completing your homework, you should practise your times tables.
  • English homework is give out on Friday and collected in on Tuesday. As well as completing your homework, you should practise your spellings.

Year 5 visit to Jodrell Bank.

We had a great time on Tuesday 27th January when we visited Jodrell Bank. We spent the whole day exploring space and finding out how the Lovell telescope worked. Here are some photographs of our day.













Year 5


We hope that you have a great half-term holiday.

Over the holiday, we would like you to do as much reading as possible and to practise your times tables untill you know them, all the way up to 12x12.

Have lots of FUN!, But stay safe!!


We have some brilliant work planned for you, for over the next half term!! smiley

English - We will be exploring, reading and writing poetry, writing instructions and exploring new and exciting vocabulary.

Maths - We will be working on length, decimals and statistics. We will also be focusing upon addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Science - We will be investigating materials and how we can change them!

Geography - We will be exploring what makes America great.

Art - We will be researching the work of Andy Warhol and attempting a few masterpieces of our own.

Computing - We will be creating short films of our poetry performances and developing blogs.

P.E - Is to be decided.

Follow this link to add to our blog about the last half term.