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Year 5



Welcome to our Year 5 page. Our Teaching team is Mrs Boyce, Mrs Kingsbury, Mr Blunt, Mrs Myres and Mr Hughes. We would like to share some of the things we are undertaking this year.


Families and Ourselves


We have looked at and talked about families and how they can be the and also different from each others. We talked about the people in our families and what their qualities are. We also looks at ourselves and what amazing qualities we all have. We drew 'selfies'and wrote what our qualities are and what we like to do. Take a look at what we said and our fantastic portraits.

Family Tree and Selfies

The Rain Forest


We are finding out about the Rain Forests of the world and the animals and associated habitats, problems and concerns with each area. We are focussing on the Amazon Rain Forest. We are going to visit Chester Zoo soon to study the island habitats linked with the Rain Forests.


We have also linked in our Literacy Writing Topic to this theme. We are studying the book the Kapok Tree.



The Amazon Rainforest

Roman Numerals

As part of our work on place value and numbers we looked how the Romans counted and how they used numerals to represent numbers. It helped us get a better idea of the value of each digit within a number. We really enjoyed creating the numbers with lolly sticks.

Can you guess the numbers we created?



As part of our literacy and grammar sessions we have been looking at the different word types and how we could classify them into the word class. We used these to construct simple and more complex sentences. This will help us develop and enhance our writing skills.

Sentence construction



We recently had the fire service come in talk to us about fire safety. They talked to us about the need for us to have a fire plan in case we have a fire at home. The plan should have some simple rules for us to easily remember and follow. We designed some fire safety posters to help us remember our 'Fire Safety' rules.

Fire Safety Posters



Linked with the fire service and November 5th we have been researching Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We looked at why the friends of Guy Fawkes wanted to plot against the King. We looked at how different the punishments were from today and how different Parliament is now compared to 1605 when the plot took place. We created some wanted posters for Guy Fawkes.



As part of our Literacy work we have studied the book the Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt. We created our descriptions of the characters and looked at the text its structure and layout. We tried to perform sections of the story as well. Here are some of our examples of the character descriptions.

Maths Challenge linked with our Area and Perimeter work.


Our challenge was to complete the Tangram using our knowledge of shapes, angles and area. We had to use all the pieces to create a square. It was difficult and quite a challenge. These puzzles can be used to make different pictures and shapes.






Each class in the school is names after a famous author. Here is some of our work based upon the author for our year group. They are J.K. Rowling and C.S. Lewis. We researched their lives, created story boards for sections of the story, designed our own illustrations  and created our own comics to advertise the books the author has written.

Class Authors

Our USA Project


We have been researching different aspects of the USA. We looked at New York and the Hudson River, the buildings life in the city, the environment around the river and how people use it.


Part of this project the children were asked to create a model representing some part of American life. What a BRILLIANT response we've had. The models that the children created were FANTASTIC. We asked the children to write a set of instructions and step by step guide to how they constructed the model. These reports were EXCELLENT as well.

Well done Year 5


Some examples of the reports that we created for our models can be seen here. We wanted to show the stages of construction and the materials and tools needed.