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Year 5

Welcome To Year 5

The children have settled into Year 5 and working hard in all areas.


We have looked at the story of the Kapok Tree. We are looking at the features in the story and how the characters are developed. This links with our Rain forest topic as well. 

Maths Work
We have been looking at 3d shapes in maths, we tried to construct some the shapes using nets. We had fun trying to construct them. As you can see we were quite successful. 

3D shape work

We have also been working on lots of different challenges in maths. They have been hard but we have enjoyed doing them. One activity was to crack a code to place the numbers in a hundred square. We used different ways to solve this.

We had another task where we had a shape Suduko to complete using the properties of 2D to complete the grids. We were given jigsaws to complete, each piece had shape facts and we had to match the pieces. 


In Science we have been looking at different life cycles of animals. We produced some posters have a look what we discovered.
Our Literacy and Geography work has been linked with the rain-forest and 'The Kapok Tree' story. We looked at the environmental impact of cutting down the rain-forest. We had a debate about the issues and we were given roles for interested parties. We came up with some great points for and against forest destruction.


In our grammar and punctuation lesson last week we learnt about homophones. Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation but are spelled differently or have different meanings. We enjoyed playing team games such as homophone snap, and competing in two teams to guess the homophone riddles. We also had lots of fun trying to match up with our homophone pairs from the word stuck on our backs; some of found this quite difficult as we weren’t allowed to speak! Here are some pictures of us trying to find our partners…

Following on from our learning of reproduction in insects and amphibians last week, this week we looked at the process of reproduction in mammals and birds. We learned that usually the male will try to show off to impress the female of the species in order to find someone to mate with. Some mammals do this by fighting to demonstrate their strength and ability to protect themselves and others. Birds build nests or perform a courtship ritual. In groups we created and performed our own courtship rituals. Look at the pictures of us performing to the class...


We have been finding out about the USA and New York> We looked at famous people, landmarks and places in America. We also studied the Hudson river and how it compared to the River Mersey.


As part of our work we had design and make something linked with the USA. We had some fantastic ideas ranging from the Empire State Building to Area 51 with it secrets.


Take a look a t some of our amazing creations.