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Year 4

Mrs Ellis, Miss Gavin & Mrs Yates

welcome the class of 2017-2018 to Year 4


Tuesday 12th June


Why were the Romans so powerful? Use the websites below to find out as much as you can about the Roman Army. Then, create a wall chart detailing as much as you can about what you have learned.


Tuesday 13th February - Mummification competition

Monday 12th February - Following instructions to make a Chinese lantern and an origami horse

Tuesday 6th February - Safer Internet Day

Monday 22nd September - Dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number

Wednesday 17th January 2018


LO- to research Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


Egypt's Got Talent - Use your sources of research to create your fact file about your chosen God or Goddess.



Tuesday 16th January


Egyptian Pyramids

Monday 8th January 2018


Using the information texts on your table and the information online using the links below, create a fact sheet about Tutankhamun.





The Lost Happy Ending - Jub's diary entry

Tuesday 31st October 2017


LO - to use formal written methods for addition and subtraction to solve problems.


We played cops and robbers using column addition and subtraction. It was great fun!



Times tables rehearsal homework  

 November 2017



Tuesday 17th October 2017


Aisha, from Walliams class, has been very creative and wrote her own poem about the The Victorians at home. Well done Aisha, we have enjoyed listening to it.


Victorian children,

Victorian children,

Rich ones were spoilt little brats,

The poor lived like rats,

and other creatures like bats.


Rich had happy days,

Lots of play days,

Meanwhile the poor went to work,

If they even smiled or smirked,

They would be sent away.


Poor had houses made of dung and wood,

I think if they tried they could,

Make houses like the rich,

With marble and brick.


Victorian children,

Victorian children.


By Aisha Faisal





Tuesday 3rd October


Today we have been working in groups and writing our own riddles.




September 2017 - Mathematics - Place Value

Wednesday 27th September


We have been using the iPads and laptops to research facts for our biographies of Queen Victoria. 

September 2017


We have been very busy writing our own Autobiographies and what a great job we have done!

Class 10

Class 9

September 2017 - We have been making Roman Numerals using lolly sticks