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Year 4

Welcome To Year 4

Class 9 - Blyton - Mrs Yates

Class 10 - Walliams - Miss Gavin/Mrs Ellis


Pneumatics - Design Technology - Tuesday 12th December

Pneumatics - Design Technology - Tuesday 12th December 1
Pneumatics - Design Technology - Tuesday 12th December 2
Pneumatics - Design Technology - Tuesday 12th December 3

Wednesday 9th October


Congratulations to this week's TT Rock Star Super Stars. Our most improved players for studio speed  in Class 10.

1st Matilda 

2nd Lewis C

3rd Noah W

Tuesday 8th October


Oh no! Look what arrived today in our register. We were not very happy with Mr Minted and his decision to build a factory in Sankey Valley. We decided to write back to him with our reasons against the factory which included chemical population, deforestation and threats to the local habitat.

Mr Minted

Monday 7th October


We have been writing diary accounts based on the old man in the story. Here are some of our extracts.


Dear Diary,

Today the weather looked broken and wind swept with powerful gusts! It made work even harder than is already was. At least one thing was nice...BREAKFAST. I could smell scrumptious, hot porridge cooking so I got ready as quick as a flash and ran downstairs. I grabbed my tools and set off to work.


When I saw the scrapyard it was the same as always. Rusty, untidy and old! Why can't people just clean the metal and at least tidy the place? I had to sort out all of the junk and well...try to tidy it up. It was harder than it was suppose to be because I kept falling over in the horrible winds. Could my day get any worse? I thought not but I was so wrong!


Tia B



Finally I went home and had a lovely, warm, bubbly bath then I had a short nap. I went downstairs in my dressing gown and jumped on to the couch and switched on the T.V. After a while, it was time foe tea so I had a piece of stale bread and some bitter cheese. I sat alone and read my book and finally drifted off to sleep. I do hope tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe it will be hot and sunny tomorrow...just maybe?


Willow D


The Tin Forest

The Tin Forest, written by Helen Ward and illustrated by Wayne Anderson

Monday 30th September 2019


Our new text for English is The Tin Forest

Picture 1

Wednesday 25th September 2019


Congratulations to this week's TT Rock Stars for gaining the highest scores for the correct number of answers.


1st - Lucy D

2nd - Matthew H

3rd - Sylvester T-B


Tuesday 24th September 2019

In English we have looking at persuasive writing techniques. We have been using the short film clip "The Giving Tree" to inspire our writing.

The Giving Tree (Film Version)

"Definitely chop the tree down because if the man uses the wood for a boat then he will be with the tree forever!"  Lucy D 


"I strongly disgree as the tree and the boy had a really strong relationship when the boy was young. He would visit the tree to keep himself happy." Tayyabah K


"Can't he just love her again like he did in his childhood? She is so lonely when the man goes." Molly H-G


"On the other hand, if he doesn't chop it down and sail away with i, the tree will miss the man." Daniel Bo


"If the man never gets rid of the boat then their bond really will get closer! On the other hand, if he doesn't chop down the tree, the tree will live forever and remember the man." William G


"As long as the man is happy the tree will be!" Amber H

Monday 23rd September 2019

These Maths games will keep you busy each evening :)