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Miss Gavin & Ms Tipping

Tuesday 7th July - We have been investigating equivalent fractions.

What can you do with a football?

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Wednesday 17th June - Maths Multiplication 

You can download the app Grid Guru on your iPad or iPhone to help you learn the grid method or click the link below to access the BBC game.



How Does Your Garden Grow?

Scientists, can you name the parts of this Lily?

We have been measuring classroom objects in Mathematics

This week our Year 3 children will be reading and performing a range of poems.

French role play 19th May "Un Touriste en Afrique"

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French role play "Un Touriste en Afrique"

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As above

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As above

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Friday 1st May - Computer Programming

Liverpool Sports Session 24.04.15

22nd April - We have had a lovely maths lesson today measuring and comparing lengths outdoors

Welcome back Year 3. We hope that you have had a lovely Easter break. This week we have a special treat for you on Friday. We have a sports session on Friday afternoon with members from the Liverpool sports academy. Remember to bring your PE kits children!


We continue to swim this half term so please bring your swimming kit to school each Wednesday.

Whoooar... Massive igneous rock eruption in Year 3 class. Stand by Rock Detectives !!!!!!!

Two Rock Detectives have a little chat about Igneous Rock formation......

Check out our testimonials on the Take a Hint Website from when the theatre company came into our school !

Year 3 have been having lots of fun programming Daisy The Dinosaur on our iPads. We have been using the different commands to program Daisy.

Friday 20th March - Daisy The Dinosaur

As part of World Book Day, Class 7 have been reading and performing the narrative poem "Jack And The Beanstalk". We have used PuppetPals on the iPads to create our own animations. Together, our animations re-tell the narrative poem written by the wonderful Roald Dahl.



We have been using the App Morfo Booth on the iPads to make our faces funny for Red Nose Day. Click on the link below to view some of our videos.

Ancient Greece

Our amazing Greek pots showing life in Ancient Greece

Researching Life In Ancient Greece

These Ancient Greeks were really skilled potters and craftsmen.......... coil pots are definitely harder than we thought!!

Researching, exploring and understanding Ancient Greece...... chronologically on the timeline and geographically on an Ancient map!


...Coming to a Class Page near you........  the feature you have all been waiting for.....'Cindy, Ann and Bones and the Tour Bus of Boom -  (featuring Super Spy-Dog, Sniffy)'     (awww shucks! ... Release date temporarily delayed while we sort out a couple of technical hitches getting it loaded....).

We've also received letters from a mysterious stranger....

Aaron's mysterious letter....


Check out more characters from Cindy, Ann and Bones......

Logan - Cindy



Neve - Cindy

Bones - Harry

Sophie - Ann

Molly - Bones

Wednesday 11th February

Play script Writers - 10th February 2015

In maths we are learning how to add and subtract amounts of money. Use the games below to help you.

"Fantastic Mr Fox" Drama Workshop 3rd February 2015

Mysterious Letter Writers - 2nd February 2015

On Wednesday 28th January our Year 3 children were very lucky and had a training session with Bonnie and Andy who are sport coaches from Everton Football Academy. 


We have been creating character profiles for our fictional film characters Cindy, Anne and Bones. We took elements of our own descriptions and created a group profile.

Sam, Charlie B, Ollie, Tia, Zahra

Aneesah, Emma, Charlie J, James G, Libby

Freya, Mia, Landen, Keyon

Dion, Connor, Sophia, Joe, Lybah

Sophie, Alex, Charlie J, Niha, Jack C

Keira, Kamila, James F, Isabella, Jack B

Telling The Time - January 2015

Year 3 have been creating character profiles in preparation for their script writing - January 2015

Niha has been learning to play the recorder



In Maths, Year 3 are learning to tell the time to the nearest minute on a 12 and 24 hour clocks. We are learning to estimate and read time using vocabulary such as clock, am/pm, morning, afternoon, noon and night. We will also learn to write the time from an analogue clock in Roman numerals.

8 Times Table practice - Our Favourite 8 Times Table video

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We've all done really well learning our 8 times table. Why not use your favourite video to help really sharpen up at home! Just try and improve a little each time.



Year 3 have been using their Literacy skills and creative talents to write their very own Limericks. Click on the documents below to read some of our fantastic work!



Class 7 have been mentally adding and taking ten/hundred away from a whole number.


These games will help you practice this further.

Class 7 

Maths Lesson Monday 17th November - Mass


Well done to Charlie B who won the Westie Art Award this week in our celebration assembly. Class 7 are very proud of you! 





Can you use your detective skills to work out our new Science topic? 


 Agnimaz soBedi



What a great week we have had in Year 3. Designing, creating and tasting our very own Mediterranean pizzas has by far been our favourite. Mr Elma has some serious competition!


Year 3 have been learning all about 3d shapes.

We are looking forward to building our own 3d shapes using 2d shapes and cubes.


Year 3 Mediterreanean Lunch, Elmas, Lymm - 24/09/14

Year 3 have had great fun this week finding out all about where in the world the Mediterranean is. We have used Ipads and Atlas' to find out all about the countries which are in the Mediterranean. We thought it was amazing that we could use the internet to zoom right into the Mediterranean sea! We are especially excited for our visit to Elma's restaurant next Wednesday for our Mediterranean lunch.