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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

In Year 3 our Teachers are Mrs Perry and Ms Jamison and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Digney. Our classes are named after two famous authors, Dahl (after Roald Dahl) and Simon (after Francesca Simon).


Have a look below at all of the fantastic things we have been doing in Year 3 so far ...

This week we have been reading 'The Day The Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. We have written letters to our favourite coloured crayon and then spent time peer editing our work. Have a look at some of the photographs of us working with partners.


Maths with money!!

Today in maths we explored and investigated how to make a total using different coins. We worked hard to find as many ways as possible. We drew the solutions in our books. Look at some examples of our fabulous work!


Ways to make 202p


Today we enjoyed reading and sharing lots of books. Some of us dressed up as book characters and a lot of us made some fantastic spoon characters! We particularly enjoyed reading to and with the Year One children. We were delighted by the World Book Day website which had several authors /illustrators who showed us their wonderful books and gave us advice for improving our writing. We all had a lot of fun throughout the day.


We have been learning about "Amazing Bodies" in science. In particular, we have been learning about skeletons and bones. In groups we worked together to make a large scale diagram of a human skeleton and label the bones with the common and scientific names. 

Our Skeletons



Today we had a very exciting day ... Mr Whittaker, a historian came to visit. He's an expert on The Stone Age. He brought lots of items that he'd created himself using the same techniques as people would have used in The Stone Age. We were able to touch, draw and describe the items. It was really interesting and we learned lots about how people would have lived and how they survived. We were impressed with how clever people were in The Stone Age, using the materials that were around them to survive. Have a look at some of the photographs from Mr Whittaker's visit ... 



Today we went on a trip to the fabulous Burtonwood Heritage Centre and had a fantastic time! We learned all about The Berlin Airlift, rationing, evacuees, life on the home front and how Warrington has changed since World War 2. The volunteers and staff at the Heritage Centre were extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Have a look at some of the photographs from our super day out...

We use this website to practise our maths facts - challenge yourself to learn your tables or rehearse your learning ... How well can you do?
All of the Year 3 staff would like to thank you for our lovely Christmas cards and presents. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a great Christmas and a fantastic 2018.


Today we had our fantastic Christmas Party with the Year 4 children. We had a disco, played party games and had party food too. Have a look at some of the photographs of us enjoying ourselves ...


In English today we looked at different explanation texts and worked in groups to identify the features that they had in common.


Guided Reading - Ms Jamison's Group one have been working on our expression and our intonation when reading aloud. We read the play "Crazy Critters" and performed a Readers Theatre for the rest of the class.

Crazy Critters



In our Maths lesson today we were focusing on subtracting a 2-digit number from a 3-digit number. We used Base Ten equipment, drew our working out on whiteboards and used column subtraction method too.


We have been working on some art work based on the story "Leon and the place between". We looked at the work of surrealist artist Salvador Dali for inspiration. We imagined the place where magic happens and made mixed media pictures to show our own "Place Between".



Today was 'Children in Need Day'. We came into school dressed as our superheroes; someone we'd like to be. Here are some pictures of us in our fantastic costumes:


Anti-bullying week 

We have been working in pastoral care groups and in class on activities promoting Anti-bullying. We have been thinking about ourselves as individuals and what makes us unique. We have also been talking about standing up for those who are vulnerable.


We made wristbands with positive messages on them to remind us of all our power to stop bullying!



Today in guided reading Ms J's group four began to read "The Alien on the 99th floor". We had lots of fun creating freeze frames to demonstrate and talk about the characters feelings at the beginning of the story. Take a look at our work!

The Alien on the 99th floor


Today in science we were creating shadows. We investigated how a shadow changed depending on how close or far away from a light source it was. We used our measuring skills to mark distances and measure the height of the shadows created.

Changing Shadows


Today we had a very special visitor. Mr Douglas Smith, a local artist and author came to visit us. He told us about his life growing up in Warrington. He gave us a signed copy of his book called "The Winwick Witch and the Golden Pig".

Mr Smith - Author visit -History topic


Have a look at our fantastic designer sunglasses!!!

Super sunglasses

31st October 2017

We used pastels to create some Autumn Tree landscapes. We learned to blend and block the colours.



Today we acted out the story of how Warrington obtained its golden gates, which are now situated outside the Town Hall. We really enjoyed finding out exactly where they came from and were excited to find out that they were originally made for Queen Victoria!

Look at us acting out the story of the golden gates ...



All of the children in the school were asked to donate food for our Harvest display, which would be given to Warrington Food Bank after the assembly. We would like to thank everyone for their very generous donations. They were very gratefully received by the Food Bank. 

Our Harvest display showing all of the generous donations for Warrington Food Bank


Today we performed our Harvest Assembly 'Who Put the Colours in the Rainbow?' for all of our parents, carers and friends. We've been working really hard learning our lines and practising songs, poems and plays. Here are some photographs from our rehearsals during the last week ...



This week we began to learn about addition and subtraction. Here is some of us working really hard in our lessons and some examples of our fabulous work.

Addition and Subtraction Superstars



This week in our English lessons we have been writing our own stories with the title 'Grandad's Secret Elf'. We shared our stories with a friend when they were finished and edited them together. We created book covers for our stories too, not forgetting to write a blurb that would capture the attention of the reader.

Examples of our fantastic stories and book covers ...

We've had great fun in our Art lessons, drawing self-portraits and then creating 3D pictures using the idea of light and shade to contrast our different features with black and white paper. The results are fabulous!!

Positive and Negative pictures

In maths we have been learning all about place value.We have been using place value counters to solve problems!

Place Value Maths


This week was 'Polish Week' in school. We learned some basic Polish phrases and danced a traditional Polish dance in our assembly. We also listened to the story of 'The Warsaw Mermaid' and created puppets in pairs, which we then used to retell the story for the rest of our classes. We had a great time!

The Mermaid of Warsaw

In Science our topic is 'Can you see me?'. We looked at different materials and predicted which would be easiest to see when it was dark. We wrote secret messages to each other and deciphered them using a mirror. 
Here is some of our fantastic work in Science, when we worked in groups to identify light sources...

Testing how reflective different materials are

In our History lessons we have been looking at the history of Warrington. We learned about how Warrington has changed from a small market town to the size it is today. We re-enacted the 'Battle for Warrington Bridge' between the Roundheads and the Cavaliers. We had great fun!!
We voted for our school council representatives at the end of September. Lots of children put themselves forward for nomination. They spoke very well about why they wanted to work hard for our school. We held a democratic election; voted on validated slips, had a returning officer and real polling booths! Well done to Ruby and Alice who won our votes!

Democracy in Action in Year Three!



In our English lessons we have been reading the book 'Grandad's Secret Giant' by David Litchfield. We have written letters to Billy and the Giant, drawn story maps and acted out parts of the story.


Grandad's secret giant role play