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Year 3

Welcome To Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. The Year 3 Teachers are Ms Jamison & Mrs Perry and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Digney. Our classes are named after famous authors, Class 7 - Simon (after Francesca Simon) and Class 8 - Dahl (after Roald Dahl).
This week we have been using our investigating and problem-solving skills in Maths. We did an investigation into cupcakes, where we had to work out how many different combinations of cakes we could make from a choice of 3 sizes, 3 flavours of icing and 3 toppings. Then we worked out how much each cupcake combination would cost, using our addition skills. questions were asked about which cupcake was the most/least expensive and how much change would be given if we had a given amount to spend. We had lots of fun and worked really well in pairs too!

Cupcake investigation

Geography - Volcanoes and tornadoes

We demonstrated how a volcano erupts using vinegar and baking soda and a novelty candle. We also built a tornado making machine and we could see the air spinning. Ms J put in a piece of paper to demonstrate how the air in the centre is not moving - only the vortex around it. It forced the debris up into the cloud and eventually it shot out of the vortex for a long way.

Maths times tables team challenge

Reading in the sun

The weather was really lovely in the week before the holidays we decided to enjoy the fresh air outside and share our library books.

Outdoor Learning day - Daily Mile

We learned about the American artist Georgia O'Keefe. We sketched the design for our picture in our art journal first. We used oil pastels to blend colours and make our beautiful pictures. We are very proud of our work.

Georgia O'Keefe art work

Outdoor Learning - Making our Sacred Gardens

We wanted to celebrate our classes diverse cultures and religions. We decided to make a garden. We planned our garden and thought about the type of plants and objects to include. Everyone took part in planting and watering. We are looking forward to keeping our garden beautiful. Please come and have a look!

Iron Man Project April/May 2017

After designing our Iron Man beside light we thought about the two features we needed to include. The mechanical mechanism to make the mouth move and the electrical circuit to make the eyes glow. We worked in a small group to decide on the decorative features of the Iron Man and used cardboard boxes, glue, and various assorted craft materials to add interest to our models. We thought about how to make our model's mouth move. Some of us used levers, cogs, pulleys and pivots to achieve our aim. We all learned about circuits in Science and applied this knowledge to make a simple circuit and designed a switch to turn the glowing eyes on and off. We spray painted our models grey and made shiny red eyes!


In Science we have been investigating how to make a bulb light up using a circuit. We had lots of fun finding out how to make the bulb light and then drawing our circuits afterwards. We're going to use our skills in our Design & Technology 'Iron Man' project. Watch this space for more details. Have a look at the pictures below:


This week we have been learning to tell the time in our Maths lessons. To practise our skills we have been playing a 'What's the Time, Mr. Wolf' game and Time Dominoes. We've had great fun! Have a look at some of the photographs of us playing:


Today we set up a 'Stone Age Museum' in our classrooms, using all of the fabulous artefacts we have been creating for our recent homework task. Some of us had made Stone Age jewellery and others had created Stone Age tools. We had stories that we had written and fantastic drawings too. We really enjoyed sharing what we had created and were able to comment positively on the work of others by writing little messages. The teachers would really like to thank our parents/carers for supporting us in our homework task - the results are truly something to be proud of! Have a look at some of the photos of our Stone Age Museum below:


Today Year Three held an inter class Boccia tournament. All the children enjoyed the activities and playing a paralympic sport!


Today was our 'Stone Age Day'. We've had so much fun and been so busy! We have constructed houses and henges to build a Stone Age community timeline, used clay to make Bronze Age symbols and produced our own 'Stone Age Preserve' using apples, berries and honey. We worked out that in one day we have done History, Science, Design Technology, Food Technology, English, Art and more. Have a look at the photographs from our fun-packed day...


Today in Science we asked which surface generated the most friction. Secret Agent Jamie Bond wrote to us and asked for our help. He wanted to know which surface was the least slippery because the last time he was chasing someone he slipped and they got away! We decided to investigate! We used force meters to measure the amount of force needed to make a trainer move across three different surfaces. We repeated our test for each surface three times to check our results. Which surface do you think generates the most friction; carpet, concrete or vinyl?

Science - Investigating Friction

In Maths we have been working on fractions. We had a great lesson working out the fractions of the different colours of Smarties in a tube. Have a look at some of the pictures from our lesson...
On Wednesday 18th January, Year 3 had a visit from Tony Whittaker, a historian and expert on The Stone Age. He brought artefacts which he had created himself which we were allowed to examine and find out how they were made. We had a brilliant time and learned so much about what life would have been like for people in The Stone Age. We decided that Stone Age people were extremely clever as they were able to use what was around them in order to survive. Have a look at the fantastic photos below which illustrate some of the activities we participated in...