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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Homework week beginning 28th September.

Homework Week Beginning 21st September.

Grow your Heart Bingo - Showing appreciation and giving back.

Reading: Class Seven have been given your reading diary and can read either a library book or your own book from home. Record the date, Book title and page number and a brief comment about the story. Parents please just initial in the comments section.

(Class eight - you will get your diaries tomorrow)

If you have got a book from the class library these are to be kept at home until Friday please and then brought back in for quarantine over the weekend. It is important that you read regularly.



Our words for this week :

eight, eighth, eighty, weight,neighbour,vein,veil,beige,sleigh,freight


Practise your words for a few minutes each day. Write the words out, cover them up, write again, check for mistakes, correct and repeat.

Ask a grown up to test you.


Maths: Times Tables - work on your 2,5,10 x and related division facts

(Suggestions for how to learn tables: sing them, dance to them - use supermovers website, write them out, make a matching pairs game, use post it notes - with question on one side and answer on the other, use computer websites for games such as "hit the button")