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Year 3

Academic Year

2020 - 2021

Welcome to Year Three!

Our Classes are Dahl (Class 8) and

Simon (Class 7)

Our Teachers are:

Mrs Murray and Mrs McGregor.

Other people who help us are:

Mrs Sewell and Mrs Amos.

Homework week beginning 28th September

Homework Week Beginning 21st September

Grow your Heart Bingo - Showing appreciation and giving back

Welcome to Year three for Autumn term 2020!

Week beginning 14th September 2020

Homework this week:


Reading: Class Seven have been given your reading diary and can read either a library book or your own book from home. Record the date, Book title and page number and a brief comment about the story. Parents please just initial in the comments section.

(Class eight - you will get your diaries tomorrow)

If you have got a book from the class library these are to be kept at home until Friday please and then brought back in for quarantine over the weekend. It is important that you read regularly.



Our words for this week :

eight, eighth, eighty, weight,neighbour,vein,veil,beige,sleigh,freight


Practise your words for a few minutes each day. Write the words out, cover them up, write again, check for mistakes, correct and repeat.

Ask a grown up to test you.


Maths: Times Tables - work on your 2,5,10 x and related division facts

(Suggestions for how to learn tables: sing them, dance to them - use supermovers website, write them out, make a matching pairs game, use post it notes - with question on one side and answer on the other, use computer websites for games such as "hit the button")






Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Brannagh's Beautiful Sunflower

Brannagh has made this beautiful collage of a sunflower. She has used a variety of materials. Lovely effort -Well done!

Purple Pod Sunflower pictures

Purple Pod Shaduf models

Albie's Eggsperiments!

Still image for this video

Hayden's Eggsperiment

Still image for this video
Hayden didn't quite have the success we eggspected! ;-)

Class 8 w/c 29/06/2020

Brannagh wrote Mrs McGregor this wonderful message in hieroglyphics!

Latest Rock Battle Results!

Well despite an extraordinary effort from Jayden, Class eight ran away with this weeks Times Tables Rock battle.

Class Eight 13,048

Class Seven 7,320

What an amazing effort from all who took part!

Most valuable player certificates are below.

Four Seasons Wheel Craft

craftsforkids #activitiesforkids #seasonscrafts Check out our latest craft for the four seasons! Here's the link - https://members.10minutesofqualitytime.co...

We have been thinking about the changing seasons. Can you have a go at making a seasons wheel? How will you decorate it?

Alice's wonderful work!

Times Tables Rock Stars - New battle has been set for this week until Friday Morning. Which class will win???
The latest Times tables Rock stars battle held last week result was a victory for Class Seven. Below are the Most Valuable player certificates for children from both classes. Well done to all those who took part!

Reading Plus Leaderboards June 2020

Year 3 Golden Apple Winners 26.06.2020

Purple Pod Artistic Sports Day Challenge

Still image for this video
We learned the dance routine from Artistic Sports Day challenge today. It was the final challenge for our sports week.

Purple Pod (Year three) Sports Week Kendama game

Sports Week superstars!

Aanchal, Jayden and Albie have been amazing and very creative with their Sports challenges! Well done!

Egyptian Masks

We made Egyptian masks in Purple Pod in school. We had lots of fun painting and decorating them. We followed the instructions carefully. If you are at home and want to make one, the instructions are below!

How to make an Egyptian Pharaoh's Mask

Nonsense poetry

The children in Purple Pod (Year three) wrote some nonsense poems based on Spike Milligan's poem "On the Ning Nang Nong".

Maisie makes a mummy!!!

Maisie has mummified her little sister! What a great way to learn about mummies and Ancient Egypt! Thank goodness we don't have to worry about running out of toilet paper any more! This is creative!

Well done Maisie and her very patient sister!

Alfie's Amazing Greenhouse!

Alfie has made this fantastic shell structure green house. He has worked hard on his design. His plants will love growing in there! Well done Alfie!

Weslandia Fantastic fashion!!

The Purple Pod children in school today made some fantastic fashion hats, belts and bags. This week would have been London fashion week so just like Wesley in the story we have been focussing on, we designed our own fashion. We made our creations out of recycled paper and card. Some of us added embellishments with crepe paper or cellophane, ribbon, buttons and other everyday items. What fabulous wearable art! Well done children - great effort.

Parts of a flower

The children in school in Purple Pod (Year three) today drew these diagrams of the parts of a flower. Well done everyone!

Creating new plants!

Alivia and Alexcia have described and drawn some brand new plants after listening to the story of Weslandia. Great work girls!

Brannagh's amazing Egyptians!

Brannagh has been busy making Egyptian models. She has also been trying her hand at some Egyptian writing - well done Brannagh!
This is a silly song Mrs McGregor normally teaches when Year Three do the Ancient Egyptians topic. Have a listen and see what you think!

The Mummy Song

Aanchal has drawn a beautiful still life picture. Lovely effort - well done!
Jayden has made a fantastic greenhouse! What a super effort. Any plant would grow really well in there! Great job Jayden!
Jamie and Alice have made Flat versions of themselves, just like Flat Stanley - great pictures and very lifelike!

Joshua has made a super still life picture - the colours are terrific!

He has also put a lot of effort into designing and making a fantastic greenhouse for his tomato plant. It will thrive in there for sure!! Well done Josh!!

World Oceans Day 8th June

Today is World Oceans Day. Have a look on the World Oceans Day for schools link below for interesting activities, videos and live information.

Year 3 Golden Apple Winners 03.06.2020

And the winners of the rock battle are ...

Class Eight!!! well done to all the childen who took part.

Times Tables Rock Battle update

Class Eight are currently in the lead but it is close! We need more children in both classes to battle - come on everyone, let's make it fantastic!

Read Aloud Stories for Kids Flat Stanley

Hi Guys, today's read-aloud stories for kids is one of my favourite classics called: Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.

Here is a story for you to see and listen to.

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. Can you make a flat version of yourself to go on an adventure? Maybe you could write a story or a poem to go with your "flat" self. We would love to see your creations or read your stories.

Below is an example that Mrs McGregor made and a poem she wrote.


Mrs McGregor's Flat self and poem

There was a little glitch with the TT rockstars rock battle which has now been fixed. Keep battling everyone and learn your tables at the same time! Enjoy!

Zara learns to ride her bike!

Still image for this video
Zara needed very little help from her Baba when learning to ride her bike. Look at her go!
We are so proud of you for mastering this skill. Well done!

Zara baking lots of yummy things including cookies and cheesecake. I hope she saved me some!

Mobile Phone Holders

Hayden and Albie made brilliant mobile phone holders for their D&T task this week. I would be very happy to use either, although the Lego one will suit my classroom very well.

Well done boys, they are great!

We have set a new ROCK BATTLE!

Class seven versus Class eight.

Who will win this time? Our last battle was very exciting, with each class overtaking each other until the last minute!

See if you can go on TT rockstars and help your class to win. 

The battle commences today 20th May at 12:30 and lasts until 27th May at 12:30.

Keep on Rocking!!!

Brannagh's Beautiful bunting for VE Day

Alice's amazing bunting for VE day

This week's winners of the Golden Apple are:


Mrs Murray's class

Evie - she has done so many kind things for others:

         - created a fantastic rainbow chalk ‘hop scotch’ on the pavement in front of our house. Purely for other children and families to have some fun on their daily walks

         – finished off with kind messages of staying safe and supporting the NHS.

-  she created a new fun game called ‘act out’ to entertain the family designing cards and rules.

-  helped her little sister Jasmine in play, reading and school work.

        - and even managed to hoover, dust and tidy to help Mummy and Daddy as they both work from home.  


Mrs McGregor's class

Aanchal - for her positive attitude and undying determination to learn new things and achieve her mini goals.

She has kept us going by motivating us with her positivity. She has learnt so many new skills i.e. Suryanamaskar(yoga), writing and understanding hindi letters, new songs on her keyboard. We are very proud of her. 

Flower Saucer competition winners

Well done to Zara from Class 8 and Alice from class 7 who are our flower competition winners!

Mrs McGregor's sister, Mrs Shara Barclay was the judge of the competition. She was the former curator of the Christchurch Botanical Gardens bonsai collection and former head gardener at Mona Vale Gardens in Christchurch, New Zealand. Your pictures were sent to her to and she made the very difficult decision. 

She was very impressed with your designs and loved the fact that some of the entries incorporated wild flowers you had found on your walks. She was also impressed with the imagination shown by children who couldn't use fresh flowers.

We hope you enjoyed making your saucers - thank you for your efforts!

Flower saucer Competition entries!

We have had some absolutely wonderful entries for our Flower saucer competition! They are stunning and have really brightened up our day!

Brilliant effort children - you will  receive a little something in the post for your entries. We will have a very difficult decision to decide a winner from each class as you can see!

Jayden's toy stall

Jayden has decided to donate his toys he no longer plays with to other children in his community as they might be a bit bored at home. He set up this stall so children could take a toy, game or book for free whilst out on their daily walk. What a lovely kind thing to do - well done Jayden!

Ibrahim has worked hard on his roundhouse model - well done!

All about May Day

Still image for this video
It is May Day on Friday the 1st of May. This powerpoint shows what May Day is and how and why it is celebrated. You may like to try some morris or may pole dancing. Perhaps you might get involved in planting some seeds or doing some gardening or making a flower crown.
Here is a link to the CBBC website page for children who like to do a quiz. There are lots of fun topics to have a go at.

Jack's fabulous Round house!

Jack has made this wonderful roundhouse model. This is great - love the idea of using straws for the roof. Super work Jack!

Diya has been very creative!

Diya has been busy making cupcakes - yum! She has also been plant spotting, roller skating and designed some beautiful spirograph pictures. Great work Diya!

Aanchal has been busy!!!

Aanchal has made and decorated cookies. They look delicious! She has been busy helping to paint outside and has even made an amazing shadow puppet theatre. She then made some puppets and performed plays for her family. Fantastic effort!

Brannagh's beautiful pictures and messages

Brannagh and her family were asked to draw pictures with messages to put into food bags for the most vulnerable people in Warrington.

These are some that have been sent out already.


What a lovely thing to do - well done Brannagh!

Have you seen lots of different plants coming into bloom whilst out on a walk? Maybe you could use these sheets to help identify different plants - become a junior botanist!

Sensational Science - Fun Slime activity to try

Do you like coding?

Miss Gavin has sent us this information poster about a kids computing and coding club for any children who are interested.

Quentin Blake Rainbow art

Quentin Blake the famous illustrator (he illustrated most of Roald Dahl's stories), has been busy making Rainbow Art characters. Perhaps you could have a go and use your creativity to draw, colour or paint some characters of your own!

Alice has been busy!

Alice has designed her own home school logo! She has made a lovely sunset picture and made a mini pond. She has written a report about her pond as well!  Her picture of a copper child coming out of a mine is great - that is what Mrs McGregor looks like when she gets up! Super effort Alice!

Aanchal's upcycling

Aanchal has been working on painting her old bike and adding stickers so her younger brother has a cool new set of wheels! What a lovely kind thing for a big sister to do!

History Timeline

Hayden decided that he would complete his Ancient Sumer timeline on his washing line outside today. I really hope his mum or dad didn't want to hang any washing out in this glorious weather! I must admit though that the timeline looks much better than any Liverpool kits. 


Well done Hayden

Christian has been keeping busy!

Christian found a strange creature in his garden and turned detective to find out what it was. Can you guess what it is?


It was a Scarlet Lily Beetle! Who knew it was named after two children from our class! 


The second photo is a piece of Bismuth. Christian is really interested in rocks and chemistry. His parents bought him a book of the periodic table and he really liked the look of this strange crystal. He was lucky that they also bought him a piece so he could see it up close. Can you see the colours of the rainbow in it? 


Thank you Christian for your fantastic facts!

Felicity's multiplication flowers

Felicity has been learning her times tables at home and made these flowers to stick on her fridge to help her. She has sent us the template so you can copy the idea if you wish. Great job Felicity!

Calling all young Astronomers!

This is a picture of Mrs McGregor and her sons and niece with one of the largest telescopes in the world. It is located in the South Island of New Zealand.


Tonight in the UK night sky it is possible to see the Lyrid meteor shower.

The Lyrid meteor shower will start tonight April 16th 2020 and will see one shooting star flash across the sky every four to six minutes.

This years shower will peak after dark on the night of April 22nd and last until April 25.

Like most meteor showers, the Lyrid occurs when particles of comet debris enter our atmosphere and burn up, appearing as shooting stars.

The peak of the shower will be on April 22nd where it will be possible to see around 10-15 an hour but it may have unexpected surges where it is possible there may be up to 100 shooting stars. It will be better viewed on a clear night and visible to the naked eye so there is no need for any equipment.

If you ask your parents nicely they may let you stay up a little bit later for a spot of star gazing in the garden.


Felicity's cakes

Felicity made these delicious looking cakes! Maybe you could do some baking at home and send in your pictures. Who likes to bake? I bet we would do well in junior bake-off! Excellent effort - well done!

Times Tables Rock Stars Rock battle results!!!


The results of the Rock battle:

Class Seven 6789

Class Eight 6314

Class Seven are the winners!


The Most Valuable Player Certificates are available to view below - well done to all the children who took part.

Times Tables Rock Stars battle update!

Class Seven have been battling hard and have once again overtaken Class Eight! You have until five o'clock tonight if you want to help your class to win the battle. Scores are so close ... its anybodys game so keep going teams!!!

Times Tables Rock Battle update!

Class 8 has now overtaken Class 7 but the scores are extremely close! One day to go ... let's see who gets past the winning post first!

Keep Battling!!!

Easter Story

Are you an aspiring journalist?


KEA kids news is a news blog for children. It is based in New Zealand. During the lockdown they are looking for kids to share videos of how they are surviving and/or any news reports from their communities (told from the inside) around the world.

If you would like to send a report in from Warrington for Kea Kids news, email janine.fenwick@stuff.co.nz

KEA kids news is funded by New Zealand on Air. New bulletins will screen every Wednesday and Friday at 12pm at stuff.co.nz/KEA until July 2020.



Rock Battle UPDATE


Two days to go on our rock battle between Class 7 and Class 8!

At the moment Class 7 are in the lead. Keep working hard on your times tables rock stars!

Can Class 8 catch up?

Design an Easter Egg

Egg carton creatures and flowers

Some fun gardening activity suggestions from the Royal Horticultural society

Have any of you been looking out for teddy bears when you have been out for a walk?

Children in New Zealand have been going on a Bear Hunt when they have been out for a walk with their family. They are also staying at home with their families and have the same rules as the UK. These bears are having fun each day so the children can see what they are up to at their house. Their humans help them change what they do each day so it is a surprise for the children!
This video shows a warm up for our fun run. We worked with Active Cheshire to promote their getting active campaign. Mrs McGregor is looking forward to when we can all take part in fun activities like this when we all get back to school. Keep healthy and fit while you are at home and check out the PE star on the home learning page for great sites and activities to help us to stay active!

Ibrahim has made this terrific alien picture - Can you draw an alien too?

Aanchal and her family have been keeping fit and being creative - super effort!

Aanchal has been doing some fabulous writing work and has drawn a lovely thankyou poster - well done!

Jayden made this fab picture on his computer! Well done!

This story asks three important questions:

What is the best time to do things?

Who is the most important one?

What is the right thing to do?


Discuss these questions with your family. Think about what is happening right now. You are living through a time in history. Maybe you could write down how you feel and describe what is going on. 

Who knows, in the future your thoughts might be read by those who are interested in our time.

Marvellous mirror message by Diya

Diya has thanked Key workers! Lovely effort well done!

Times Tables Rock Star Battle!


A rock battle has been set between Class Seven and Class Eight. The battle commences April the first and lasts until April the eighth. Best of luck to both teams!

Making an arts and crafts sunshine picture

Albie has made a fantastic round house using items he found around the house. I wonder what they will have for tea now that all the spaghetti has gone. Well done Albie!

Ibrahim's colourful poster - well done!

Where's Wally? Can you draw your own Where's Wally picture and hide Wally in it somewhere?

A couple of years ago all the teachers came to school for World Book day as this famous character - it was a lot of fun!

Thank you poster by Josh - check out the different languages!

Poster for key workers by Zara!

We've got our own Copper Child in Year 3!

Reuben was so excited when he saw the home learning task on Friday as he had been to the Copper Mines with his family. 

Thanks to Reuben for these fantastic photos.


Have you been anywhere that we have talked about in school? 

Jamie has been designing thrones out of lego! Well done!

Mrs McGregor is a supermover! How many of you are doing BBC supermovers at home???

Have you tried bbc supermovers? Fab  fun to learn your tables or review things in english or just to get up and moving .. enjoy team!!!

Maisie has been painting pictures and writing letters for people in care homes! Well done Maisie!

3D animals right in your living room!

A penguin visited Mrs McGregor today! 

If you google an animal on a phone - those on the list above work ... there is an option to view in 3d. By shifting your phone the animal appears in your environment! Give it a try!!

Something to bake - Banana Cake

Something to make ... Origami Penguins

Letter from Santa

Josh has been working hard today! Super work !!

Who is this?

Each day I will be posting a photo to hopefully make you smile. Today is a times tables rock star! Have you tried to play a tennis racquet guitar? It is really quite fun!

Mrs McGregor does PE with Joe Wicks - challenge to Year three to do it too! See PE star on home learning page

A Message from Year three!

We got creative today! Magic wands made by Lillie, Charlotte and Diya

Book Cover recreation by Alfie

Mothers Day Cards - we wish all our Year Three Mums a happy day!

We made clay pots on our trip

Stonehenge Sculpture made from biscuits

Today we learned about Stonehenge. We read about Neolithic stone circles and talked about why it was difficult to know what they were used for. Everyone was amazed at how such large stones were transported over such huge distances. We made a collective sculpture of Stonehenge to demonstrate the order the stones were transported to the site and where they were placed in relation to one another. The custard creams represented the Bluestones which came from Wales. The bourbon biscuits were the Sarcen stones from the Marlborough Downs and the shortbread biscuits represented the centre stones and the alter stone.

We role played different experts and gave opinions about what Stonehenge was used for. We thought about what we think it was most likely to have been built for.

World Book Day

As our focus for World Book Day was poetry, we listened to poems by Benjamin Zephaniah and discussed that his work has inspired the concientious rap movement. We decided to have a rap battle between the two year three classes. We worked together to think about our values and our learning. We thought of words which rhymed with those key words and in groups worked on developing verses and a hook line for our rap poem. We thought about the rhythm of the words and how they fit together. We watched a clip of Michael Rosen giving advice about how to perform stories and poems.

Finally, we added actions to our rhymes.

We performed for the judges (Mrs Lloyd and Mr McIntyre).

Everyone had lots of fun doing our rapping. Mrs Mcgregor's class ultimately won the battle.

Class Seven Rap

Shadows - Hortense and the Shadow Key text - English

We listened to the story "Hortense and the Shadow" by Natalia and Lauren O'Hara. We discussed how shadows are formed and made shadows using the visualiser in Class Seven.

Timelines in History