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Year 2

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2020 - 2021


Welcome to Year 2.

Our teachers are Mrs Clyne and Mrs Perry.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Bex and Mrs Bains.

Mrs Thorley also works in Year 2.

English Focus Text - Willy The Wimp - Adjectives

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We are using the advertisement to think about describing body parts to write an alternative advertisement.

Year 2 - Maths Scheme of Learning (for reference only)

Year 2 - Common Exception Words - words that don't follow the rules.

Year 2 - Spelling Programme - we learn these words in spelling lessons and in guided reading activities

2019 - 2020

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A message for Year Two

Messages for Year Two

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Some Year Three Children wanted to tell you about Year Three.


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In Year Three you do some interesting subjects.


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Maths is fun and not too hard!


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The teachers are nice!


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You go on a trip to Burwardsley and do some archery. You go there to learn about the Iron age.


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You get to go swimming in Year three.

Year 2 Golden Apple Winners 26.06.2020

Year 2 Golden Apple Winners 03.06.2020

Look at all the amazing things we've been doing while we've been keeping safe at home....

Some of our Year 2 friends created this fabulous video - we think it's amazing!

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A Message from Mrs Clyne & Mrs Perry

A Message from Mrs Clyne & Mrs Perry

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Laney's Special Summer Days

Look at all the fun Jack has been having with his home learning...

Lillie has been very busy with her home learning...

Vijay has really enjoyed doing our science experiments.

Alastair thinks this creature will hatch from our mystery egg...

Harry has written a fantastic letter to The Tooth Fairy...

Alastair's letter to The Tooth Fairy is brilliant!

Ava has just got a new puppy, Molly, who is absolutely beautiful. Ava's also worked hard to produce this wonderful rainbow giraffe.

Amber has designed her very own 'Flat Amber'.

Poppy has had a movie night with her sister

Vijay's South African work is fantastic!

Alastair's African-inspired art work

Look at all the things Jack has been doing...

George has been incredibly busy...

Alastair's amazing African art...

Harry wrote a letter to his favourite football club, Liverpool, and was lucky enough to receive a reply and a signed picture for his wall too! He's also created an amazing African sunset picture.

Rani and her sister, Roopa enjoyed their VE Day celebrations and have made fantastic African sunset pictures too!

Poppy's been having lots of fun during lockdown...

Alastair's Magic Box

George's space-themed box where the ultimate powers of the universe can be stored.

Harry's Footballer's Dream Box

Billy's Amazing African Sunset & Exciting Times
Georgia's Creative Fashioning
Jiaying's Non-stop Creativity
Bella's Family Time
Isla's Collage
Ethan C's Baking and Writing
Bobby's Mini-school
Connor's Busy Time

Connor During Lockdown

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Robert's Exploits 
Koby's 'Being Brave', Art Work, Magic Box & Other Creations
Louie's Birthday Collage & Creative Learning
Carys' Busy Days
James' Special Times
Max's Physical Feats

Max's T-shirt Challenge

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Max's Cycling Achievement

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Max's Highlights

George has been doing some fantastic pictures at home. We think they are brilliant!

Green-fingered Harry shows off his incredible daffodils!

Rani and her sister, Roopa, printed out the pictures of the school staff and made their own fantastic frames for them. They look fabulous!

Vijay got this Lego model for his birthday and built it with his brother. It's amazing!

Look at Jaxon's beautiful butterfly picture like the one from Pandora's Box.

Lillie has been working hard on her Pandora's Box activities for English. They're brilliant...have a look...

Have a look at Alastair's Pandora's Box and monster pictures, they're brilliant!

Week beginning 9th March 2020


We have been enjoying spending time with our chicks. They're getting really big now and seemed to enjoy having a little bit of time out of their brooder box.

Look how big our chicks have grown over the weekend. They are extremely lively now. We have been able to hold some of them and have noticed that they are moving around much more than they were last week. 

World Book Day

Listen to our performance poetry that we practised today.
Please Mrs Butler 1 (the children know which group they were in).

Please Mrs Butler 2.mp3

Please Mrs Butler 3.mp3

Please Mrs Butler 4 (online-audio-converter.com).mp3

Thursday 5th March


Today we've moved our chicks into the 'brooder box' which has a heat lamp to keep them warm. They've got food and water in there too.

Wednesday 4th March


This morning six chicks had hatched from their eggs when we came into school. Two more have hatched during the day. They are very fluffy and are making little cheeping noises. We are keeping them in the incubator overnight to keep warm and then will move them into the 'brooder box' in the morning.

Week beginning 2nd March 2020


Our eggs have arrived! We are so egg-cited waiting for them to hatch. They are in an incubator at the moment keeping warm. Watch this space for the next update...

Week beginning 24th February


In our science lesson we were learning about different life cycles. We talked about the life cycle of the butterfly and then worked in groups to order the life cycles of a bean, a human, a frog and a gorilla. Our ideas were then presented to the rest of the class.

Week beginning 3rd February 2020


This week we have been reading 'Bob, Man on the Moon' by Simon Bartram. We have written about Bob's day and created our own astronauts who might work on the different planets.

Our spelling words this week are:


could       should     would      

In geography, we used atlases to discover where different places are in the United Kingdom. We discussed using map symbols and using a key.

Week beginning 6th January 2020


Wishing you all a very happy new year!


We found some mysterious footprints in our classroom this week. We had a discussion about who they might belong to and most of us thought they were left by a wolf. We read the story 'Footsteps in the Snow' by Charles Lachman and dicussed whether wolves were always villains.



Week Beginning 25th November 2019

In Computing this week we have been using Microsoft Paint to create our own witch images based on Pointillism. We used the technique of little dots to create our own images.



Georgia and James D

Scarlett and Jiaying


Week beginning 11th November 2019
To link with our RE work on different places of worship, we walked to Warrington Islamic Centre. We walked through Sankey Valley Park, where we stopped and completed some activities involving compass directions. We had a great morning and learned lots about the Islamic Centre.
In Science, we sorted and classified different objects into these 3 different categories: living, used to be alive or never lived.
Week beginning 4th November 2019

Our spellings this week are:


great       most      only

As part of our geography and English work on 'The Queen's Handbag' we have been matching various landmarks in Warrington to their names. When we've been writing these, we've made sure we've used capital letters for proper nouns.
Week beginning 28th October 2019
As part of our science work on plants, we each planted a daffodil bulb to take home. We're going to take special care of our bulbs and observe them as they grow. We've planted some in pots at school too, so we can record their progress.
Week beginning 14th October 2019
On Thursday, we walked to Sankey Valley Park. We worked with two volunteers from The Land Trust, Kev & Mary, who taught us all about animal habitats. We had a great time investigating and discovering different habitats.

In English, we had two mystery handbags delivered to our classes. When we opened each one, we found a map of The United Kingdom and a photograph of a corgi. We used these clues to guess that the handbags belonged to ... the Queen!

We have been reading 'The Queen's Handbag' by Steve Antony and enjoyed matching different landmarks to their positions in the UK.

Week beginning 30th September 2019


Our spelling words this week are:


only    most    both

In Science, as part of our Materials topic, we used reference books to research facts about different materials. We found out lots and discovered lots of new vocabulary too for our Science display.
In our RE lesson this week we were discussing different places of worship. We had to try to match pictures of different places of worship to their names using our knowledge of religious symbols. We  had a great time and learned lots too!

Week beginning 23rd September 2019


Our spelling words this week are:


gold     cold     told

On Thursday in our Science lesson we did an investigation into the absorbency of different materials. We made predictions before we carried out the investigation and made sure it was a fair test.
On Tuesday we listened to the different speeches from the candidates for School Council. Once the speeches were finished, we voted in our 'Polling Station', putting an X in the box on the ballot paper next to the candidate's name we wanted to vote for. Results will be announced in assembly very soon. We are very proud of all of our candidates for showing such confidence and being so persuasive in their speeches and everyone in Year 2 for being such attentive listeners. 

Week beginning 16th September 2019


Our 3 spelling words this week are:


because        old         hold

Week beginning 9th September 2019


This week in English we have been reading 2 stories by Anthony Browne, Willy the Wimp and Willy the Champ. We've described the characters and created story maps to retell the stories.