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Week Beginning 9.7.18 - Pirates love underpants

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Thursday 28th June

No pens, No Screens Day


Today, we ran the daily mile to really get the oxygen pumping around our bodies (PE).  Then, we created a pirate treasure map with 12 symbols and worked out the co-ordinates for each symbol (Maths).  After that, we read statements about pirates and worked out which ones were true and which ones were false (English/History).  Later on, we played a pirate themed game called 'Marooned' where we had to cut out various equipment that we might be marooned with as pirates.  Our group had two teams of pirates and one judge called 'The Beak'.  The pirates had to worked together to build a case for why their pirate would survive on the island with each piece of their equipment.  They had to explain why their equipment was the most useful and helpful in surviving being marooned.  The Beak's decision was final, they judged which pirate would live and which would die! (PSHE, English). Then, we used different constructions kits/blocks/materials to make pirate ships, telescopes and hooks (Design Technology). Penultimately, we learned the names for the different parts of a pirate ships and used these words to complete statements that made sense (Guided Reading).  Because there's no Friday in school this week, we had Golden Time during our last session, held our raffle and sorted out our Golden Apple person for next week and who would be receiving a certificate.  What a fabulous day we had!

Wednesday 27th June- We used geoboards to make 2D shapes

Can you name these 3 flowers? Let Miss Albrighton know if you solve the problem.

Wednesday 25th April 2018

A surprise in the school garden!

The egg is hatching!

Instructions that came with the egg

Summer 5th Half-Term Spellings - some are repeats that some children have found difficult to remember!

Wednesday 28th March 2018 - Making chocolate nests for Easter

First day of forest schools training, can’t wait to start it at school!

Thursday 18th January


Maths Activities

We had fun completing our column subtraction on big table cloths

Spring 3rd Half-Term Spellings to learn - practice makes perfect

Moon Crater Investigation

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How did the Moon's surface become so scarred with craters? Look at our videos and see what happens!

video 2

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Look at our Christmas Snowflakes! by Daniel and Lilly

Tuesday 31st October - we read 'funny bones' by Alan and Janet Ahlberg and made skeleton pictures

Monday 30th October

We wrote questions about what we discovered.

Who has come to visit?

Friday 20th October

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We used Puppet Pals to create an animation of The Enormous Turnip.

By Charlie, Daniel and Jacob

By Rowan, Daisy and Amber

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Read the traditional tale of 'The Enormous Turnip'

The Enormous Turnip - plays each page

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Powerpoint of 'The Enormous Turnip'

Come and visit Warrington by Brody and Meeval

Poppy and Joshua

Charlotte and Alfie L

Harry and Eva

Tilly and Rowan

Daniel and Lucas

Freya and Daisy

Jacob and Alfie P

Bella and Ellie Mae

By Tayyabah and Lewis

Tuesday 17th October - we decided whether things were a fact or a belief. We discussed the question; what is a belief?

Tuesday 10th October - we made Elmers and discussed the fact it is good to be different.

Thursday 28th September - we made healthy fruit kebabs

21st. September- look at our colourful pictures based on the work of Paul Klee

Introducing Candy Bear!

Tuesday 19th September - as part of our work on democracy we had a vote to decide what to name the class bear.

September 2017 - look who we found in our class!

WB: 4th September - we were using commas in a list.