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Year 2

Week beginning 20th May 2019


Our chicks have grown so much! Today, we very carefully held them. We had to sit very still and be very quiet so that we didn’t frighten them. Have a look at the photos below:

Year 2 Art Collages

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Week beginning 13th May 2019


Egg-citing News!!


We had 8 eggs delivered to school today which are now safely nestled in an incubator in our classroom. We're going to closely observe the progress of the eggs as they hatch into chicks over the next few days. Watch this space for updates ... 

Another chick hatches!

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When we arrived in school this morning, 3 of our chicks had already hatched overnight. During the day, another 3 hatched too. They need to stay in the incubator for 24 hours, then we can move them to the brooder box. Look at the photographs of our lovely new arrivals below...
Today we’ve moved our chicks to the ‘brooder box’ where they’ve got a heat lamp to keep them warm. They’ve started to eat their food & have some water too.
               Week beginning Monday 29th April 2019

PSHE Tolerance

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Today in PSHE, we discussed what tolerance means and how we can show tolerance to others.
               Week beginning Monday 23rd April 2019

Properties of shape

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In maths this week, we have been exploring the properties of regular and irregular shapes and we have started to look at lines of symmetry.

Mysterious Egg

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In English, we all went outside to see what signs of spring we could see. The children found a mysterious egg nest. They made predictions about where the egg might have come from and what might hatch from inside the egg.


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This week in art, we have been looking at how artists use shading effects to create unique pictures. The children then created their own shading grids to show dark to light.

Week Beginning Monday 8th April 2019



Frozen poles

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We have been looking at the non-fiction text called Frozen poles. The children then created their own, all about penguins.

Poles Apart

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The story of the Pilchard-Browns, Mr White and where they travel to in an attempt to have their picnic.

Week Beginning Monday 1st April 2019


Please ensure all medical forms for the Tattenhall Residential are returned this week.  Please be aware that if your child takes any medication then you will need to come into school on Tuesday or Wednesday to sign a blue medication form.  Inhalers and Epipen devices also need to be brought in on the day of travel.

Thank you!

Week Beginning Monday 25th March 2019

Tattenhall Visit - Your Child's assigned date of travel


On Wednesday 27th March your child will receive a letter informing you of the date that your child will travel.  We are so excited!


We are revising the spellings:


could   would   should

because   told   fold  cold



Week Beginning 18th March 2019


Medical Forms for the Tattenhall Residential Visit in April have been sent home.  Please return them to school by Friday 22nd March 2019

Medical Form

Week beginning 11th March 2019


In Geography, we used playdough to create the shape of the continent of Africa. We made flags to label Mali and South Africa and string to show the route of the River Nile. We were also able to label the oceans on either side of Africa too.

Week Beginning Monday 4th March 2019


This Week's Spellings:


any     many     only




great even after



In Science, we had a visit from a dentist. We thought of lots of questions we'd like to ask her before she arrived. When she spoke to us we learned lots about how to look after our teeth.

Week Beginning Monday 25th February 2019

Homework - Rocket Project 01.03.2019

Geography and History - we've been looking at the journey that the famous aviator, Amy Johnson, took to Australia.

On Tuesday morning we had a special delivery from the school office.  The Tooth Fairy had called with a letter and a chicken!


Wow!  A chicken!  We usually get money and, if we're lucky, maybe a note...

This Week's Spellings:


grass     class     pass




both most only

Week Beginning Monday 11th February 2019

This Week's Spellings:


could     would     should




cold     gold     told

Art work - we used different shaped blocks and paint to create a repeating pattern on a piece of textile

Week Beginning Monday 4th February 2019

This Week's Spellings


climb     wild     eye




hold     old     because

Art Work - we have used cut shapes to create a repeating pattern

Week Beginning Monday 28th January 2019

Homework: English -  Contractions 

Week Beginning 21st January 2019

Different ways to find a total.

Week Beginning 14th January 2019


Using 'sticky' words - conjunctions

Spring 3rd Half-Term Curriculum Overview

This week's spellings:


from Aut 1 - door   poor   floor

from Spr 3 - find   kind   mind

Bob's Suitcase - check out the apostrophes for possession in our nonsense poem

Week Beginning 7th January 2019



Homework this week is Maths.  For this first week of the new year we have given the children their log in user name and password for their Times Table Rockstar account.  If you are able to access the internet at home please have a go at practising x2 and divide by 2 across this week.


Teachers can access an overview of the children's frequency and success as they master their knowledge.  If there are any difficulties please contact us at school.  There will be opportunities for the children to also work on this at school.


Have fun and good luck!

Science - Materials

Materials - stretch, squeeze, squash, pull, push. We can manipulative certain materials to change their shape.



The children have begun learning about possessive apostrophes for singular nouns.


For example:  Bob's rocket sped through the atmosphere.

                       The rocket belongs to Bob.


                      The Moon's orbit was difficult to break free from.

                       The orbit belongs to the moon.


                       James' model fell off the shelf.

                       James's model fell off the shelf.

                       The model belongs to James.


                       (Either of these examples about James are correct)

                       We teach the first one:  James'

Man on the Moon by Simon Bartrum

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Find out what Bob's very important job is. Can he really not see all the aliens around him? A funny look at life on Earth.

We received a message for Bob and some cleaning equipment

Week Beginning 10th December 2018


Verbs - Past Tense 14.12.2018

Thank you to all the children and parents of year 2 children for all of their hard work over the past two weeks of practising for the Christmas Show - A Midwife Crisis.

At this time of year there are so many 'germs' around and we know that the children have been trying to fight off infections and get into school because they are passionate about performing.

They were a real credit to their families!

Week Beginning 3rd December 2018 

Maths Homework

Maths 07.12.2018

Top 25 Verbs We Need To Learn

Week Beginning 26th November 2018

Key Stage 1 Christmas Show

A Midwife Crisis

Below are our song words and audio tracks to listen to and practise at home.

Song 1

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Song 2

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Song 3

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Song 4

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Song 5

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Song 6

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English Homework - Verbs Present Tense

Week Beginning 19th November 2018

In Science we planted bulbs outside our classrooms with Mrs Bex. We wrote instructions explaining how to plant them.

We have been researching wolves. We have written fact sentences.

In RE this week we watched 2 stories from the Sikh religion; Duni Chand and the Silver Needle and The Milk and The Jasmine Flower. After listening to the stories and discussing them, we retold them using puppets of the different characters. 

Week Beginning 12th November 2018

Why Do We Remember November?

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The Little Hen and the Great War - A heart-warming story about the First World War

An Alternative, Funny Version of the Classic Traditional Tale

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English Homework - Adjectives

Sketching Ahlberg Characters

We came in from afternoon break on Monday to find someone, or something had left paw prints in our classrooms...
Deciding that they were footprints left by a wolf, we read the story below, all about a 'Good Little Wolf'.

Good Little Wolf

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A wolf visited our classrooms to-day. Footprints were left in each room, near the door. Could it have been Good Little Wolf or the Big Bad Wolf? We talked about the stories that have wolves in. Would a real wolf be able to get into school?

Week Beginning 5th November 2018

Homework - Maths - Writing Numbers in Words
Class 5 went to Sankey Valley Park, just as Class 6 did the week previously. We worked with Kev & Mary from The Land Trust and learned lots about our outdoor environment. We had a brilliant time, have a look at some of our photographs below...

Week Beginning 29th October 2018

Inside the Villains

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Look at The Witch

Mary & Kev from The Land Trust - Class 6 Science Lesson

Week Beginning Monday 15th October 2018


Instructions for the preparation of homework books

Homework books have been sent home to personalise and cover over the half-term break.  Look out for these in the children's book bags.


Thank you to all of the parents and carers who were able to attend Parents' Evening on Thursday evening.  Below are some documents you might find useful when consolidating work the children have been doing at school.  If you are uncertain about anything, please don't hesitate in contacting Mrs Clyne or Mrs Perry. 

Week Beginning Monday 8th October 2018

Warrington Landmarks

Half-Termly Spelling Lists - Common Exception Words (CEW)

Week Beginning 24th September 2018


This week is our European Languages Week and we have been focusing on Croatia. As part of our fact finding, we learned about different traditional Croatian playground games and went outside to play them too. We had great fun and discovered that some of the games were very similar to those we play usually in our playground, they just had different names!

In Maths this week we have been comparing numbers and groups of objects, discussing which has more, less or is equal.

Week Beginning 17th September 2019


In our English lessons we've been retelling Anthony Browne's 'Me & You' story. After we'd worked hard on our beginning, middle and endings, we worked in pairs to 'peer edit' and improve our stories.

Week Beginning 10th September 2018


We've been busy with Miss Gavin learning all about staying safe on the internet.

Learning how to lighten and darken colours in Art. We are using our art skills to add to our journal. Anthony Browne is our inspiration.

Week Beginning 3rd September 2018


Mrs Clyne and Mrs Perry have been extremely impressed with how quickly the children have settled into their classes.


Reading books and diaries are coming home this week.  Guided reading sessions have already begun.  During the reading workshop the children read books that are one level higher than the books they read at home.  Home readers should be an easy read.  If the children are interested in reading their own books, or books from the library, it is perfectly acceptable to note down the pages in the reading diary.  We will check the reading diaries every week and update the bookmarks, which are displayed in the classrooms.  Reading reward badges will be given out, once the bookmark is full.


Our shared texts so far are:

Willy the Wimp


Me and You

Both of these texts are written by Anthony Browne.


Watch this space for more updates on Maths and our cross-curricular topics.


Autumn Half-Term 1 Curriculum Overview

Willy the Wimp

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Me and You

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