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Miss Gavin & Miss Williams

Monday 13th June - we followed clues and found pirate treasure!

Wednesday 18th May - we worked well in our teams to create a dinosaur!

Wednesday 18th May


Today we have been "Expert Gardeners" and have planted our own sunflowers seeds. We are going to watch how they grow over the next few weeks and see if we can beat the world record for the tallest sunflower which was grown in Germany ( 2014) by Hans - Peter Schiffer. His sunflower measured 9.17m ( 30ft 1 ins).




Tuesday 17th May - LO: to sketch a dinosaur using charcoal.

Tuesday 17th May - We have enjoyed finding natural materials for our class collage.

Monday 25th April


Our mysterious egg has hatched!

Thursday 21st April 


Today Year 2 made an "eggsciting" discovery outside of school. We wonder what could be growing inside of the mysterious egg?


Thursday 21st April


Identifying and classifying seeds.

Tuesday 19th April

Today Year 2 created an Array City to find the answers to some multiplication questions. 

Thursday 31st March - Habitats

Wednesday 23rd March


We have learning all about the Easter story and talking about the feelings of Jesus at the different times during the Easter period as well as the actions of Judas and Peter. We also learned about the significance of Easter eggs and other religious symbols which are important to Christians at Easter time. 

Tuesday 22nd March - Our eggcellent Easter egg hunt

Today Year 2 went on an Easter egg hunt which involved solving some Maths word problems. What an eggtravaganza it was! 

Tuesday 22nd March - Our fantastic Easter Eggs

Year 2 singing in Spanish about a trip into space

Volando en un cohete, veo ....

Thursday 17th March


LO - plan and create a mythical story in groups

Our super mythical stories



Home Learning Challenge - 15/03/16


Can you find out more information and interesting facts about Nelson Mandela and share them with Miss Gavin tomorrow?

Tinga Tinga, tales of Africa - Why giraffe has a long neck?

KS1 Tests 2016

Year 2 SATs meeting Thursday 10th March 2016

Tinga Tinga, tales of Africa - Why elephant has a trunk?

Tinga Tinga, tales of Africa - Why elephant has a trunk?

Thursday 8th March 

Practice using the correct homophone THERE THEIR or THEY'RE using the video link below. 

THERE THEIR THEY'RE ~ A fun grammar lesson + a quiz! :-)

Copyright © 2014 Tamsin Ambrose, NaturalEnglish.org. All Rights Reserved.


World Book Week 2016 - Allan Ahlberg


Find out all about our class author using the links below. 


Friday 26th February

Adding and subtracting multiples of 10 to a 2 digit number. 

Wednesday 24th February 

Use the games below to help you sort shapes, objects or numbers into a Venn or Carroll diagram.

Tuesday 23rd February 

Year 2 have been writing all about the Tooth Fairy after listening to the story below.

I lost my tooth in Africa

Uploaded by Malissa Yabut-Castellanos on 2013-03-15.

Headline News..... Neil Armstrong Lands On The Moon!

Tuesday 2nd February - Creating 3d shapes

Spanish alien pictures and descriptions!

Wednesday 20th January - Space Poems

Kalyani's Space Poem

Francesca's Space Poem

Theo's Space Poem

Oliver's Space Poem

Wednesday 20th January - using column addition to add two 2/3 digit numbers

Space Challenge

Can you find out the  names of the other two people who went to the Moon with Neil Armstrong in 1969?

A special well done to Aisha, Olivia J, Georgia, Joshua M, Kai, Zitong and Ruby M for completing our class "Space Challenge".


At home they found out that Neil Armstrong went to the Moon on Apollo 11 with Buzz Aldrin and  Michael Collins.

Friday 8th January - Telling The Time

Wednesday 6th January - Learning how to program using simple algorithms

Bob "The man on the Moon" came to visit Class 6 to get us thinking all about our new topic Space.

We wrote questions about space using question words and question marks.

Wednesday 6th January - look what Class 5 found in our classroom!

Thursday 17th Decemeber


Today we have learning all about the Arctic and what is would be like to live there. We have used the iPads to create ebooks all about what we have learnt. 

Letter to Santa - Jalal

Letter to Santa - Vinay

Letter to Santa - Jasmine

Letter to Santa - Ruby

Thursday 10th December - LO: to investigate which fabric is the most hardwearing

Tuesday 8th December - LO- to investigate and explore fractions

Wednesday 25th November - LO: to sort books into fiction and non fiction

Tuesday 24th November - LO: to sort words



We have started rehearsals for our Christmas show "Santa's Setbacks!"

12/11/15 We have been learning all about position and direction in Maths. We have used the computers to plot coordinates.

Picture Collages of Warrington Town


Wednesday 4th November


Today we have been acting out parts of the traditional tale "Little Red Riding Hood".

Zitong and Lily's Wolf Picture Collage

We decorated our Westie books with footsteps in the snow!

We wrote questions using question words.

Look what we found in our classroom this morning!

We found this note in our classroom. It was from Mr Wolf!


Tuesday 20th October

We have used the traditional tale The Enormous Turnip to write our own narrative stories about a vegetable. Today we have read our amazing stories to our EY children. It was lots of fun!





Maths Lesson 14th October 2015


We have been working on our addition and subtraction facts to 20.

Monday 12th October


In Science we have been working scientifically to investigate whether older children have larger heads. Together we plotted our results on a scatter graph.

Maths Homework Links - Week Commencing 9th October




We have been using PuppetPals to create our own short animations from "Oliver's Vegetables".

Still image for this video
By Amber Stubbings and Hiba Rizwan

We have been learning all about healthy foods in Science and have even designed our very own healthy meal!

Wednesday 23rd September


We have been riding our bicycles in our Real PE lesson to help keep us fit and healthy. We have been traveling around on different paths, even travelling around with a flat tyre!

Wednesday 23rd September


Maths Gold Challenge - interactive addition and subtraction games

Friday 18th September


We have been busy creating our own fruit bowls using a computer program and we have been learning how to write a set of instructions for making a delicious fruit kebab.

Wednesday 16th September

Today we have been using an interactive programme on the iPads to collect information about our friends favourite fruits. We used this information to create a pictogram.

In Maths this week we have been learning all about the place value of 2 digit numbers. Here are some fun games which may help you.

"Oliver's Fruit Salad" by Vivian French


Oliver left us a lovely surprise today. He had come across this fruit in the supermarket and didn't know what it was. We thought about all the questions that Oliver might ask and we wrote our own questions using question marks.

Paul Cezanne Pictures - Thursday 10th September