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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! Our class Teachers are Miss Hornby and Mrs Murray. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Kinane and Miss Hillyer. 

We have had a very exciting start to Summer Term 1! First of all we received a letter from the little old lady informing us that she had lost another gingerbread man! She asked Year 1 for our help in finding him. The little old lady didn't want the fox eating this one.

We began by creating wanted posters and putting them up all around school. We then used iPads to decode QR codes that had been left as clues. We eventually found the gingerbread man hiding in the hall! 

To celebrate, we decorated our own gingerbread men to take home. Unfortunately we could not return the gingerbread man to the old lady as Mrs Murray ate him!

The Gingerbread Man

We are very excited to welcome Miss Hornby to Year 1! Whilst Miss Hamilton is busy getting ready for her first baby, Miss Hornby will be working with Mrs Murray, Mrs James and Mrs Kinane. 


Thursday 22nd March 2018

We were very surprised to find some ingredients with a mysterious letter signed with a large paw print in our classrooms. The letter was from The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We made jam sandwiches and learned how to cut safely using a knife. Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed our delicious sandwiches and drank warm tea. Fortunately he was unable to join us as he would have eaten all our sandwiches and drank all our tea.  

Tea Party

Friday 16th March 2018

After reading The Tiger Who Came for Tea we were very excited to find out we were going to see a real life tiger at Knowsley Safari Park.

We have been learning about wild animals from different parts of the world, including their habitats and diets.

In the Safari School we amazed the animal experts with our understanding about the animals we got to meet. We used our fantastic knowledge about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores to answer questions. 


Knowsley Safari Park

2nd March 2018

We have had a very exciting week in Year 1! We are very lucky to have Mr Smith coming into school each Wednesday to teach us Futsal. We have surprised our teachers with just how good we are. 


On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day and many of us came to school dressed as a character. We also had the opportunity to show off our creative skills and decorate a wooden spoon in the style of our favourite book character. We had lots of fun guessing the identity of each others spoon designs. The teachers were very impressed!

January 2018

Something very exciting happened at school recently... We went on a walk around school to see if we could see any signs of Spring and we came across something strange!  It was an Alien crash site!

The area had been cordoned off with tape to keep us safe. When we returned to our classrooms, we had been left the book Beegu to read. It was a very exciting day!

Tuesday 7th November - OH NO! Mrs Murray's and Miss Hamilton's teddies have gone missing! They are our favorite toys and we are really sad that they have gone. Please keep an eye out for them!

Tuesday 7th November - This week in maths we have been focusing on subtraction. We worked together to answer this problem. We learnt that we have to be very careful when using a number line and check the amount of jumps we do is right.

Thursday 2nd November - Today we were left a story book on the carpet that told us the dog's name and who he belonged to. We worked in partners to write down some adjectives to describe the dog.

Tuesday 31st October- Today we came in from playtime to discover a teddy dog, a collar and a blanket! We did not know where they came from or who they belonged to. We predicted what the dog's name is and who it belongs to.

Monday 16th October - Today we have created our own story maps for our class story - The Bumblebear.

In art we have been learning about primary and secondary colors. We did an experiment to see what happened when we mixed the primary colors together.We were amazed with the results! We made the colors purple, orange and green.

This week we had a super surprise. Bumblebear paid us a visit to ask us for some more honey. We left him lots of our ideas over night and in the morning we received a second letter!

Can you practise the lower case letters at home? Remember to start with a woosh!

In maths this week we are learning how to count 1 more or 1 less than a given number to 10. Have a go at these examples if you can...

One more than 4 is...

One more than six is...

One less than 10 is...

One less than seven is...