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Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 page.


Our teachers are :

Mrs Hamilton-Wright and Miss Williams.


Our Teaching Assistant is:

Mrs Digney. 

Week beginning 24th June- 'taking notice ' forest school session

Week beginning - 10th June 2019


Today we discovered that something or someone has taken bites out of our teacher's lunch! They had left holes in the food. We predicted what we thought had happened. Some of us thought it might have been the hungry caterpillar. 

week beginning - 6th May


This week in English we have designed our own aliens and have been writing alien stories. In the first week back we found a spaceship that had crashed on our school field! We were left a letter and a book called 'Beegu' which we have enjoyed reading. Take a look at some of our wonderful aliens and stories...

Week beginning - 29th April


This week in science we identified different leaves and which trees they had come from. We talked about the features of the leaves and had a go at drawing them. 

Week beginning 1st April

Today we have carried out an investigation to see which material would keep the cotton wool dry. We thought about which material we would use to make an umbrella.

Look what we found in the woods...

Week beginning 25th March

we have been investigating capacity. Does the tallest container have the greatest capacity?

Week beginning - 18th March 2019

In science this week we did an investigation to see if all metal is magnetic. We also made a trail on a paper plate to lead the bear to the honey. We used a paper clip and a magnet to make the bear move.

This week in maths we have been measuring and comparing different objects. We used balancing scales and cubes to weigh the objects and then compared them to a different object.

Week beginning - 11th March 2019

This week we have been measuring length and height in maths using cubes. We estimated how many cubes long an object was and then used cubes to check.

Week beginning - 4th March 2019 

We designed and made our own models of a shop in the 1930s. We chose the materials and resources that we would need to make our model. We made shops such as a Bakery, Haberdashers, Butchers, Grocers, and a Newsagent.

Here are some links for maths games:
Week beginning - 25th March 2019 

We found a crime scene in our classroom this morning! Who could have done this? What do you think happened?

In history we sorted through a range of items such as fruit, vegetables, clothes, cakes, bread, eggs, milk. We thought about where we might buy these types of items. Most of us said big supermarkets such as Asda. The children were shocked that there wouldn't have been a big supermarket in the 1930s. We discussed what shops there would have been in the 1930s and sorted the items into the right shops.

Week beginning 11th February 2019

We have created a timeline from 1930 - 2020. We have been looking at teddies, fashion and living rooms. We sorted various pictures and items into what year we thought they belonged to.

Mental maths activities - 15th January

Wednesday 9th January L.O. To represent numbers to 20

Week beginning 7th January 2019


Look what we found in our classroom. We think he might be lost!

We had the most magical day on Monday for our Polar Express day. We watched the movie in the morning and spent all afternoon doing different activities. We made a shape train and had a delicious cup of hot chocolate! We even had a special visit from Santa who handed us a magical bell to see if we could hear it ring - meaning that we Believe.

We have been having great fun this week doing lots of Christmas craft activities. We have made a moving reindeer and a Santa plate, along with lots of other festive creations!

Week beginning 26th November


We have started to learn our Christmas songs. Please practise these at home.

Baa, Baa, Bethlehem.wmv

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Ba, Ba, Bethlehem

God's Messengers

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Star Song

Still image for this video

Tonight, we celebrate

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What a commotion

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Wise Men Are We.wmv

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Monday 5th November - we followed some paw prints and look what we found...

We wrote questions about our discovery.

Week beginning 15th October - Oh no! Look what the Naughty Bus did to our classroom.

We took pictures of the crime scene, we drew the route he took on our plans of the classroom and we tidied up after him!

Thursday 6th September - we were learning about parts of the body and made labelled diagrams.

Friday 7th September - We found a present in our classroom and when we unwrapped it, it was a red, London bus!