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Year 1

Welcome To Year 1


Our class Teachers are Miss Hamilton and Mrs Murray. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs James and Mrs Kinane. 

We have had the best day today for our picnic. We began by playing some games - we had a relay race and played the memory game - If I went to the beach I would see...

After playtime we sat in the shade to enjoy the sandwiches we had made and even had some crisps and a cake. Children rated their day as 1000/10! Take a look at the pictures to see how much fun we had.

On 18th May it was outdoor learning day. We have been learning about seasons in science. On Thursday we went outside to do a spring walk. We used our senses to think about what we could see, smell, hear and touch. We saw a helicopter, birds, daffodils, and bugs. 

Our new topic is all about the seaside and lighthouses. We are reading the book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.' We will also be looking at what holidays were like when our grandparents were younger. It would be a great opportunity if the children could speak to their grandparents to ask them questions about their holidays when they were younger.

We had the best time at our ball before the holidays. Take a look at the pictures of us dancing, playing games and having biscuits and drinks. Everyone looked like real princesses and princes.

This week in maths we are being problem solvers. Today we have solved lots of problems and have been able to give reasons for our answers.

We have had a very big challenge in maths this week. We have been learning about division! Wednesday and Thursday were our biggest challenge when we learnt about repeated subtraction which helps us to work out the answers to the division questions. 4 Children were lucky enough to show their work to Ms Brennan as it was fantastic independent work. Well done Year 1!

This morning we have had special visitors from Year 5! They have come to share some of our favorite books with us. Some children were even brave enough to read to the Year 5's! We have loved spending the morning sharing stories with older children.

WANTED! The Gingerbread Man has gone missing!!!!! Yesterday morning Mrs Gallagher delivered a letter to Class 3 and 4 that had been posted to our school. It was a letter from the baker who told us that the Gingerbread Man has gone missing and he needs our help. Today we have created wanted posters so other children in the school can look out for him. We also put a warning on our posters so that no one eats the Gingerbread Man! Please keep a look out around the school for him and catch him if you can!

Look how fantastic Class 3 look in their fancy dress outfits for World Book Day! We have had circle time this morning to share what characters we are and what our favorite book is.

Take a look at our classrooms which have transformed into a castle. We even have a fire breathing dragon guarding our doors! Our new topic is traditional tales and we have lots of exciting things planned for the next 6 weeks.

Today in maths we have been looking at coins and their value. We talked about whether the smallest coin is the least in value and whether the biggest coin is the highest in value. We then played shop in groups. We took it in turns to be the shop keeper and the customer and paid for toys and cakes. We thought about how to make different amounts and thought about how we could use the least or most amount of coins.

Take a look at some of our amazing spaceships and rockets that we made last week. We are very impressed with them and really enjoyed getting messy with glue, sellotape and scrap materials!

Last week, we brought in bottles and boxes from home to make our own spaceship like Beegu's. On Friday we designed our spaceship and thought about what materials we could use. We then began making them using glue and lots of sellotape! Today we will be finishing our models off and hopefully we will have time to decorate them.

This week in English we have been thinking about how the characters in the Beego story would be feeling. We thought of some questions that we would like to ask them. We worked in groups of 3 and pretended we were on a chat show and asked the characters questions.

Today in maths we have been looking at one more and one less for numbers to 50. We played bingo at the start of the lesson. We had to pick four numbers from the board. Miss Hamilton and Mrs Murray said 'what is one more/less than...' and we had to find the answer.

Something very exciting happened today! We went on a walk around the school grounds. On our way we spotted something very strange. It was an Alien crash site! The area had been cordoned off with safety tape.We found parts of a spaceship that were splattered with green slime. It was a very exciting day!

In maths this week we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have learnt about many different 3D shapes and how they are different to 2D shapes. We have also made our own cubes and cuboids. We decorated them first, then cut them out and glued them together (with a bit of help from the adults). In Miss Hamilton's class we have put them under the tree to look like presents!

On Friday we took a look at the baby and toddler pictures that the children brought in. We played a game of guessing who was who. Some children didn't even recognise themselves! We spoke about how we have changed since we were born. Today we will be  drawing pictures of when we were babies, what we look like now and how we think we might look when we are adults. 

Please practice the songs for our Christmas performance...

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This week in maths we are learning about capacity. On Wednesday we used different containers, water and rice to see which container held the most and we filled them up so they were full or half full. Today some of us even looked at a quarter full.

We had so much fun at our sleepover! We got to wear our PJs all day. In the afternoon we put on our slippers, dressing gowns and took our teddies, pillows, blankets and torches down to the hall with us. In the hall we watched some videos about nocturnal animals, read some owl stories and we even got to have some biscuits and hot chocolate! It was the best day.

Well done to the children who have worked really hard and produced work that can be put on our 'Work to Bee proud of' walls. Congratulations to Elliott, Camille, Eva, Harry B, Amelia and Freya from Mrs Murray's class. Well done to Amber, Joseph R, Alfie L, Poppy, Kennedy, Daniel, Harvey and Nathan from Miss Hamilton's class.

In Maths this week we have been learning how to find half of shapes and a quantity. We folded paper shapes in half and cut them. We have also been finding half of a quantity and have been using objects to help us. We have been writing sentences in our maths books e.g. Half of 10 is 5. 

We had a lovely time at our Tigers tea party before the school holidays. We made Jam sandwiches ourselves and learnt how to cut safely. We also made cakes with Mrs James and Mrs Kinane and decorated them in class with orange, black and white icing so it looked like tiger stripes. In the afternoon we played some party games and then enjoyed our delicious sandwiches, cakes and cups of tea. We had great fun!

This week in English we have been looking at the features of instructions. Today we were left some ingredients by the tiger for us to have a tea party. So we have been able to use what we know about instructions to write our own for making jam sandwiches. Tomorrow we get to make cakes and sandwiches and we will be having our party in the afternoon!

Well done to the children who have worked extra hard to get their work up on the 'Work to BEE proud of' wall. Well done to Claudia, Tia, Sam, Lewis, Alfie P, Matthew, Imaan and William in Miss Hamilton's class. Well done to Lilly, Lucy B, Tilly, Harry, Daniel B and Daniel R in Mrs Murray's class.

In maths we have been using scales to weigh different objects. We used cubes to try and make the scales balance. We have been learning about the words heavier and lighter and comparing two objects.

Well done to Lucy D, Amelia C, Daniel R, Daniel H, Matthew and Joseph B in Mrs Murray's class for working really hard this week! Well done to Amelia B, Tayyabah, Tilly S, Amber C, Joey, Bella B, Meeval and Charlotte in Miss Hamilton's class for working super hard! Their work has been chosen to be displayed on our 'Work to BEE proud of wall'

This week in science we have been looking at the human body. We have been labeling body parts that we can see including our head, arms, legs, feet and hands. Some of us didn't know where our waist, knees or elbows were so we located them on our bodies! This is Willow from class 3 who we labelled using post-it notes. We think we did really well!

This week in maths we have been looking at length and height. On Monday we looked at the length of a range of materials and put them in order from shortest to longest. Can you find objects around your home and put them in order from shortest to longest? 

In class 3 and 4 we have a 'Work To Bee Proud Of' wall. Each week wonderful work is selected to go up on the wall. The children know that if they want their work up on the wall they have to try their hardest. Well done to Joshua, Willow, William, Brody, Ellis, Daisy and Lewis in Class 3! Well done to Joseph, Sam and Rowan in Class 4!

Number bonds to 10

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We have been practicing our number bonds to 10 everyday. Can you watch the video and sing along? See if you can remember all of the pairs of numbers that make 10!

We have been grouping animals in Science into Mammals, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles and Birds. On Thursday we learnt about what animals eat and whether they are a carnivore, herbivore or an omnivore. We talked about our pets and what they eat.

In Geography we have been locating the four countries in the United Kingdom. We looked at Atlases to locate them on a map. We also had a look at other countries in the world and some of us learnt about the 7 continents.

Alphabet song

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Can you have a go at singing the Alphabet Twinkle song at home? Can you say the letter sound and the letter name?

In English we have been reading the story 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. We have made our own masks and have been using them to act out the story.