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Year 1

Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Year 1

Our class teachers are Miss Hornby and Miss Williams.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Digney and Mr Trantum. 

We have really enjoyed getting to know our new classes over the past few weeks. The children are now settling into their new routine and we would like to share some information with you.



Our P.E. day is Wednesday. Please come in your kit with your jumper or cardigan on. Shorts or jogging bottoms depending on weather.

Reading books


Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and Friday.



High Frequency words will be checked once a week and new words will be sent out if needed. Please practise these at home. 




Links for videos will be added below so you can recap learning at home.

If you need to speak to the class teacher please e mail them:




Archive 2019 - 2020

Year 1 Golden Apple Winners 26.06.20

James has been working hard recording animal facts about crocodiles which are his favourite animal. 


Still image for this video

Bethany's fact file

Rosie's dinosaur picture

Bethany's trip to the Safari park to find Sunny!

Sam's Sports week

Well done to Sam who has been trying hard with his Sports week challenges! Excellent job Sam!!

Year 1 Golden Apple Winners 03.06.2020

There has been loads of learning going on. We are very impressed! Keep it up smiley

In her home learning, Bethany made a postcard and posted it to her Nanna and Grandad. I bet they will be delighted when they recieve it. Such a kind and thoughtful thing to do Bethany!

Evie has been busy making delicious Sushi for her family ! 

Year 1 children have been working hard with their letter formation. 


Wonderful handwriting James!
You are working very hard Sam!
Fantastic Freddie ! You have been working hard with your letter formation.

Year 1 children have been busy identifying and labelling plants.


Isabella went for a walk to the local duck pond. She identified some trees and labelled her own picture of a plant.

Isaac is enjoying his home learning. He is working hard with his reading and spelling. 
Isabella is missing her school friends. She made a special message for them !

Bethany has sent a message to her friends...

Joshua has been working really hard at home. He has a message for you all!

Leighton has been working very hard. Well done Leighton, keep it up!

Bethany has proven what a fantastic author she is! Listen to her space story.

Video of Bethany reading story.mov

Still image for this video

Rosie has been working very hard. She even made sandwiches for her family when they were busy working. She is definitely showing us what a thoughtful person she is! I will have to try one of your tomato sauce sandwiches Rosie. They sound delicious!

Freddie has been working hard. When we are back in school, I will test you on your two timestable! I'm very impressed.

Freddie's 2 x table test.

Still image for this video

Luke has really got into his home learning today - we are really proud of you Luke!

Luke has enjoyed celebrating his brother's birthday this weekend. That ice cream looks delicious!

Elizabeth has been working really hard and has even learnt to ride her bike without stabilizers! I'll give you a game of Uno when we are back in school Elizabeth!

Wow Elizabeth ... what a fantastic skill to have learnt!

Still image for this video
James is making his Mum and Dad proud. He is working very hard at home. 

Charlie has been very busy learning and having fun with his family.

He made some time to go on a bike ride to see his grandparents for a wave and a chat.

Isaac has been very helpful in the garden.
Isabella has been very creative at home !
Jensen has been very busy with his family. He is having lots of fun revising key words and phonics. 

Luke has made a Duplo rainbow with his brother. Can you spot him on the TV?

Bethany's playground looks fantastic!

Elizabeth made a flag and dragon to celebrate St George's day. They are brilliant!

Evie has been working very hard at home! What is the weather like today?

Elsa has been baking delicious treats!

Jonathan looks like he has had fun while learning!

Building a Rain Gauge - check out Freddie's!

Joseph has created a whole weather station in his garden!

Isla has painted a fantastic picture of the Queen for her birthday and written a brilliant story.

Bethany has been extremely busy with her home learning!

Tuesday 10th March - Look who has arrived in our classroom with his honey!

Tuesday 10th March - we used balance scales to find the mass of objects in cubes.

Tuesday 3rd March - We had fun painting and matching colours.

Friday 28th February - We learnt about the different shops our grandparents would have visited when they were 5 and 6. All we have to do is go to one shop!

Monday 24th February - There was a crime scene in our classrooms this morning. We used the evidence to write a police report.

Friday 14th February - Look what we found in our classroom this morning!

We used our historical detective skills to try and put them in chronological order. We were told one of them was 70 years old! They were all older than us. We then put them in order on our timeline.
21.01.2020 - Today in science we have been on a material hunt around our classroom. We sorted objects by the material that they are made out of. We looked for objects made out of metal, wood, plastic and fabric. We also came across objects made from paper and glass. Some of the objects were too big or were objects that we couldn't move so we wrote these down on post-it notes. 

16.12.19- Polar Express Day. We are enjoying watching the film in our Pyjamas!

11.12.19 - we looked for the Naughty Bus on the playground. We recorded what we could see using our folded fieldwork at our fingertips sheets. We used a compass to find out which way was North.

10.12.2019 - Today our elves (Eddie and Elvis) left us a special letter and a book called 'The Polar Express'. The elves told us to write why we deserve a ticket for the Polar Express. We are very excited to hopefully receive our tickets and have a fun day!

Days of the Week song

This week in English we are writing a diary for Stick Man. Our learning objective is to write the days of the week using capital letters. We have been listening to this song to learn the order of the days.

26.11.2019 - Today we arrived in class to discover a letter, diary, book and sticks from Stick Man. We visited the outdoor classroom and made our own stick people.

We have been reading the book Leaf Man in our English lessons.

Tuesday 5th November - Today we learnt about what bonfire night is and why it is celebrated. We then made our own firework pictures by coiling and folding card, paper and pipe cleaners in different ways.

Tuesday 5th November - We had a lovely time on our autumn walk. We looked for signs of autumn and collected leaves and sticks. When we got back to school we made leaf men using the leaves we collected. In English we have started to read the book Leafman.


Look at the mess the naughty bus made in our classrooms! We used our plan of the classroom to draw the route he had taken.


This week in maths we have been learning some of our number bonds for numbers up to 10. We have been using counters, cubes and other resources to help us. 


This weeks spellings are:


to  today  do  a  the 


Our spellings this are:


no    go    so    friend    school 

07.10.2019 - Today in English we read the next few pages of Little Red Riding Hood. We worked in groups of three to act out the middle part of the story. We have been using different voices and expression to help us get into the roles of the characters. See if you can act out the story with your family at home.

03.10.2019 - In RE this week we have been thinking about why Christians may compare God to a loving parent. We made a list of what our parents do for us and then thought about what God might do for Christians. Some of our ideas were - keep us safe, provide us with food and water and keep us healthy. 
Remember to start collecting items for Art week. We could like children to bring in photographs of themselves and their family and a picture or wrapper of their favourite chocolate bar, sweets or biscuit. Thank you!

Touch sense video

Our topic for science is 'What makes us human?' We have been learning about our five senses. This week our focus is on the sense of touch. We have been feeling objects and describing how they feel and predicting what it might be.


Our spellings this week are:


love   come   some   one   once 

Greater Than, Less Than Symbols Song

We have been learning about greater than, less than and equal to in maths.



Our spellings this week are - 


put   push   pull  full   ask

24.09.2019 Today we walked into the classroom to find a basket left on our carpet. Inside we found some cupcakes! We wrote down some of the questions that we had such as 'Who put the basket on our carpet?' We had a go at using question marks to punctuate our questions.



This week our spellings are - 


be     me     he      she     we


Remember to practise your spellings as much as you can ready for our spelling challenge on Monday. 

17.09.2019 Today we investigated 'If you have the biggest hands do you have the biggest feet?' We found out that this is not always true!

12.09.2019 Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

In class we have listened to the video about filling buckets. If you are kind to someone you fill their bucket and your own. We have been thinking of ways that we can fill each others buckets such as saying please and thank you.


Today we made buildings for a town like in the 'Naughty Bus' story. We made shops, houses, hospitals, police stations and lots more. We used different construction materials to make them.


On Monday we found a gold present and a book left in our classroom. we made predictions about what we thought the present was. On Tuesday we unwrapped the present and read the first few pages of the book. Inside was a red London bus. The book was called 'The Naughty Bus'. 


We have had a brilliant first week in Year 1. We have settled in really well and got to know our classrooms. This week we have been learning in our new areas and working with our teachers on handwriting and numbers to 10.