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Year 1

We went on a hunt around the school looking for different materials such as; metal, wood, plastic and glass. We used the Ipads to take some photographs of what we found inside the school and outside. Have a look at some of the photos from our material adventure below! 

Investigating materials

In RE on Tuesday, we watched a video of Noah and the Ark. We focussed on the symbols in this religious story. First of all we looked at symbols we might recognise such as the recycling symbol and the symbol for fire. We then looked at some religious symbols such as the cross. Within Noah and the Ark we talked about what the dove represented and what the rainbow represented. 

Noah and the Ark

By the end of Year 1, the children need to be able to count to 100, forwards and backwards starting from 0 or any given number. We have been practising this in our maths lessons. Most of the children can count to 100 but it can be very tricky when they have to count backwards. Try using this number grid to practise at home. Then have a go without looking at the grid! 

100 square number grid

Spelling Challenge!


All Year 1 children need to learn the Year 1 Common Exception Words - there are 45 words to spell!


Some children are really close!  Some have already achieved a score of 45 out of 45 - well done!

Below is a list of the words to practise at home...

Year 1 Common Exception Words

Percy's friend, the fox, promises to be good!


We welcome a new character to Percy's Hut...


Easter egg nests

Year one are going to be busy this week making Chocolate Rice Krispie nests ready for Easter. Today and tomorrow we will be writing instructions to help us when we make them on Thursday. 


In maths we have been learning all about the value of coins and notes. We had different amounts of money to make and had to use a variety of coin to make the correct amount. 


We have been talking about how to keep safe on computers and online. We played a game on the interactive whiteboard as a class. We had to decide what was safe and what was unsafe. You can have another go on purple mash at home. 

Months of the year

Still image for this video
We have also been listening to the months of the year song which has helped us to remember the order!

Days of the week

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In year one we have been learning the days of the week and which order they go in. Have a listen to the song and have a practise at home.

Welcome Back!

Our topic this half-term is:

What Plants and Animals Would Percy Find in Sankey Valley Park?


We loved our visit to Sankey Valley Park!  

We sketched Bewsey Old Hall, collected information about who uses the park by marking on a tally chart.  We also fed the ducks.  Coeyn said that we really should have fed them peas or sweetcorn.  Is that what's best for the ducks?  We must remember that for next time!


We are hoping to visit the park again and meet up with one of Percy's work friends, Tim.  Next time we'd like to visit the maze, Bewsey Wood and Long Meadow too.


Have a look at the videos below and consider what sort of person Percy is.  Think about the animals that are his friends!

Landmarks We Saw on Our Walk To Sankey Valley Park

Still image for this video

Woodland Guides - If you're out and about on a nature walk, use these guides to tick off the things you see!

One Snowy Night-Nick Butterworth

See how Percy's bedtime routine is disturbed, one snowy night.

Percy the Park Keeper - The Cross Rabbit (1999)

Winter is coming, and poor Rabbit wants some sleep, but the mice are disturbing him with their fun and games. Percy persuades the mice to play elsewhere, but the peace does not last long. Taken from Children's Favourites Bumper Special. DISCLAIMER: Percy the Park Keeper was owned by HIT Entertainment, not me.

Percy the Park Keeper - A Very Useful Little Friend (CITV Rerun 2000) (1999)

An Alien Space Craft - A UFO - A Space Ship!

Still image for this video
On Monday 25th January Westbrook Old Hall Primary School was the location of a dramatic event. The remains of an unidentified flying object was found on the school field. To the amazement of the Year 1 children a series of footprints led into the classrooms

Whatcha' Gonna' Do Count by 2's, 5's, 10's)

Sorry about the American accent! But if it helps the children to count....

Welcome Back

Countdown to blast off! - BBC

Who is Tim Peake? Why is he special?

The View from Space - Earth's Countries and Coastlines

What does our planet look like from space? Can the outline of the coasts be identified? Do we know the names of the countries and continents?

Santa's Setbacks - Show Music with Words

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02 - Working - Lyric Video.mp4

Still image for this video

03 - Poor old Rudolph - Lyric Video.mp4

Still image for this video

04 - Cup of Tea - Lyrics.mp4

Still image for this video

05 - Blow blizzard blow - Lyrics.mp4

Still image for this video

06 - Snowmen lyrics.mp4

Still image for this video

07 - Sing Merrily - lyrics.mp4

Still image for this video

Westie Wild Wings Invitation

What a scary lot! Happy Hallowe'en

Instruction Writing - Children found full sentences before putting them in the correct order and assigning a number

Tiger Tea Party!

In Year 1 we had a very big surprise after break time on Wednesday morning! We walked into our classes to find that the Tiger had left us lots of items so that we could have a tea party. He left us a letter and also some instructions on how to make cakes. We had to make our own instructions on how to make jam sandwiches. We have been busy baking cakes and making jam sandwiches in preparation for our tea party this afternoon. We also made party hats and decorated paper plates with windmills and other items relating to The Netherlands for Dutch week. We had so much fun eating our sandwiches and cakes and drinking cups of tea! We also got to try special caramel waffles that are from The Netherlands. We said a big thank you to the Tiger for leaving us these items so that we could have our fantastic tea party!

A Surprise from Westie!

Today, Mrs Gallagher in the office, received some post for both of the Year 1 classes.  She brought down a letter for each class.  The children were very excited.  We had never received a letter with a wax seal before!


A paw print, with a capital 'W' pressed into it!


We all felt the wax seal.  It was like getting a letter from the Queen.  Some children thought that it might be a dinosaur's footprint, others thought that it could be from Wolfie at Warrington Wolves.  It was only when we opened the seal that we could see that it was from Westie, our school mascot.


He wants us to find out more about Tigers, as one of his friends is a tiger called 'Tiger'!


We know lots of things already.  What else can we find out?  Let's write down our ideas to share with Westie...

How the Tiger Lost his Stripes!

The story is about a tiger who trades his stripes to get out of trouble, in the end is left without stripes and is thrown out of jungle by the animals labeled as a cat

How Tiger Got His Stripes

Vietnamese tale of humility and wisdom

Alphabet Twinkle

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Learn our Alphabet Song to name the letters

Welcome To Year 1