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Warrington Road to Rio School Games 22nd June 2016

Warrington Wolves Rugby - Cheshire Fire Sevens June 17th 2016

Mini Red Tennis School Games News Week beginning 13th June 2016

School Games Athletics competition

Promises - Westfield performance London 12/6/16

This recording was made at the Westfield Centre, London on Sunday 12th June 2016. Erin sings her song promises in front of a large crowd after one rehearsal with the band. At the beginning the band are not playing the chords correctly but it all comes good from bar 5 of Erin's vocal.

Promises by Erin (school recording featuring Leen on keyboard)

This is the recording produced in school and entered into the Song Academy competition.

Songwriting Success - Promises


Warrington Guardian Article - 16/6/16


Young songwriter wins praise from top popstars

Erin Jordan was a runner up in the national songwriter of the year competition.


AN 11-year-old songwriter who performed alongside pop star Rumer at the weekend says her music is inspired by ‘personal experiences’.

Erin Jordan, from Chapelford, was a runner up in the national young songwriter of the year competition with her track Promises.

The song was praised by the judges including singer Tom Odell, who said: “Heartbreaking. 

“This is really strong. Simple and moving."

 She also won praise from Starsailor front man James Walsh and singer songwriter Rumer who added: “Very catchy song, great melody. Simple idea, but very effective!”

The Westbrook Old Hall Primary School pupil was invited to perform at Westfield in London on stage with singer-songwriter Rumer on Sunday.


She said: “I haven’t really performed on a stage before so it was really exciting.

“I got the idea for my song Promises after my friend told me someone had broken a promise somebody made to her but I get most of my inspiration from my personal experiences.

“I was so excited that the judges liked my song and the comments they made about it were great.”

Erin’s mum Ruth said she is very thankful to Erin’s music teacher at her primary school John Oates who encouraged pupils to enter the competition.

She said: “Mr Oates has been really generous with his time and he even came to London to watch Erin perform.

“The school has been brilliant at giving her access to music and recording equipment and Mr Oates helped her record the track for the competition.

“He organised a songwriter to come in and teach year six about writing music.”

Ruth said Erin started playing the guitar three years ago and has been taking her songwriting seriously for the past year.

Erin, who has a nine-year-old brother called Daniel, says her favourite pop stars are Sabrina Carpenter and Taylor Swift, because they play different instruments and write their own songs.

Ruth said: “We took her to see Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour for her birthday and she was such an inspiration to Erin.

“Her grandfather was very musical so maybe that’s where she gets it from – we are just so proud of her.”

Another song, called United, which was recorded by Erin and her friends Evelyn, Leah and Amelia was highly commended by the judges.

Visit by song writer Tricia McTeague

Tricia McTeague


On Tuesday 24th May Tricia McTeague made a visit to Old Hall to work with some of our Y6 song writers.


Tricia has performed with Elton John, Lionel Ritchie and Ronan Keating. She has also had one of her songs covered in Japan and it went platinum, another song reached number 4 in the UK dance chart.


During the workshop the children performed their own songs and Tricia offered advice as to how they might perform them. Tricia also sang one of her own songs.

School Games News week beginning 18th April


This week our Year Six football team competed at Finch Farm in the Road to Goodison competition. Despite our best efforts we did not get through this round of the competition however all the children played extremely well in this very high standard of competition. We can be very proud of getting to the final twelve schools in the whole of the region.

Year Six Football Team at Finch Farm

Family Funs Club

Family funs is a new group set up this year in which Year one pupils and their families take part in a series of sessions aimed at continuing to develop the children's physical and social skills and to have fun with the support of their parents/carers. The children enjoy the sessions and love playing with their family members. Storybooks and games and activities are provided for the children to take home and continue to learn through play.

KS2 Choir at The Brindley BLOG - 14th March 2016

The Brindley Theatre Choir Competition by Prabhnoor


Did you notice that some children went for an early lunch on Monday 14th of March. Well if you did, it was because 36 children from the KS2 choir were going to the Brindley Theatre in Runcorn.


I don't know what everybody thought of it but I can guess that they absolutely loved it. I will tell you what happened from my view.


So, on Monday we gobbled up our early lunch really fast, even though Mr Oates told us to take our time as we were early.


Next we hopped onto the coach and off we went to the Theatre. My partner, Aylish, kept on talking about the Brindley Theatre and I joined in as well, but we were soon there.


We were welcomed into the theatre by a lovely lady who was probably from 'Accent' Music Hub (the organisers). Inside the theatre it was huge and guess what, we had our own dressing room.

Well if you looked at it then it looks big but from inside, it was small. We didn't have time to complain as we were going into the auditorium (the big theatre where you watch the performances).


So we started watching the other choirs rehearse but every now and then I sipped my water and read a page from my book. Finally, when it was our turn we sang Eleanor Rigby, Mr Postman and California Dreamin'. We got a huge round of applause and I couldn't stop smiling.


We then had our tea and sang 'Spring Chicken' which we weren't singing in the concert, but hey, who doesn't like singing 'Spring Chicken?'


It was about 4.50pm by then and we were next on.


We were AMAZING!!! The crowd went wild every time we sang our songs. They were really wild when we sang California Dreamin' as Erin sang her solo beautifully.


We went back to our dressing room and waited another 10 minutes until we were called on stage. I was crossing my fingers, hoping we had won and guess what .............. WE WON!!!


Everybody took a bow and we had a picture taken with the two mayors.


Then we jumped on the bus again and headed back to school. I calmed down after thinking we had just won £250 for the school. It was a fantastic evening (better since we won) and a brilliant day.

Westbrook Old Hall Primary KS2 Choir Competition Winners 2016

The Brindley Concert on 14th March by Takara (Y5)


KS2 Choir Winners


When we arrived at the Brindley Theatre, Runcorn we went to our dressing room before going into the theatre to watch other schools practice.


We waited for our turn to practice with the backing track.


We then ate our tea outside before returning to the dressing room. We were all excited to sing. We waited for our school's name to be called out before walking onto the stage.


We sang Eleanor Rigby, Mr Postman and California Dreamin'. The lights were very bright on stage. When we finished singing we came off stage and waited in our dressing room.


The results took a long time. We were all nervous. Each choir received a certificate for attending. Then they announced the winner. It was us! We won £250 and received a winners certificate. We then got back onto the coach for the journey back to school.

Westbrook Old Hall Primary KS2 Choir Competition Winners 2016

Book Week Competition Winners

Thank you for all your fantastic designs! It was so difficult to choose the winners.

Year 5 Road to Goodison

Girls Football Team

Year 6 Road to Goodison

Easter Egg Competition 2016

Warrington Wolves Year Three and Four tournament at Penketh High

Miss Flore singing in our assembly

PE and Sport Gold Schools Mark award assembly with Jenna Downing World Champion inline skater

School Games News week beginning 8/2/16


This week we had two teams entered in the Warrington Schools Lacrosse finals. We came third and fourth in the tournament and as this is a new sport for us we played well despite only picking up our brand new Lacrosse sticks this afternoon!

Lacrosse tournament

Today we had a visit from Lee and Will from Warrington Wolves. They came in to present certificates to all our Year Three and Four pupils who have taken part in Rugby coaching over the last four weeks. We are going to send four teams to a tournament tomorrow - Good Luck to all those participating.

Intra School Year Four basketball

School Games News week beginning 1/2/16


Congratulations and well done to the boys rugby league team who participated in the Penketh Cluster Competition League. We got through to play for the championship competition. Our last match was drawn 4-4 against Great Sankey Primary, making us second overall in the league; up one position from last year! The boys played well and enjoyed the matches. 

School Games News week beginning 25/1/16


Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a visit to Sankey Valley Park to take part in Xplorer Orienteering. The children all had a great time map reading and finding the markers, writing the information and beating the clock to try and be the first team back! Thanks to all staff and volunteers who accompanied the children - especially Mrs Thorley who took part in all four trips!!! Have a look at the class pages for more pictures.


Well done to the Mixed under 11s football team who took part in the county finals football this week held at Alexandra Crewe football centre. The team played extremely well and won their group with ease. Unfortunately they were defeated in the quarter final by Stockton Heath on penalties.


A huge congratulations to the girls football team who also made the county finals in the English Schools Football Competition. They also won their group stage, progressing all the way to the final! At full time the score was 1-1 and after extra time no further goals were scored. Penalties were taken and defended and it got to sudden death penalties; the girls were unlucky to lose but we are so proud of their achievement! Massive thanks to Mrs Perry and our accompanying young leaders from Priestly College who managed the team on the day. 



X plorer orienteering

Football Superstars

School Games News week beginning 18th January


This week the School Games crew began a Basketball league for Year 4. Thirty children are participating in the matches which are being run at break times. Teams of five will all play each other with the top teams in the league playing in semifinals and finals. Well done to all the children organising, managing, refereeing, reporting and playing - watch this space for results!


Last week our Year Six Rugby team began the Penketh Cluster tournament. The first games resulted in a draw and a win and once again this week we had a draw and a win. The cold weather doesn't put off the children and they are looking forward to continuing the competition.


Year Three and Four have enjoyed Tag Rugby with Coaches Lee and Will from Warrington Wolves this week. They will continue to have sessions until half term. We can't wait for the competition at the end of the training against other schools!


We welcome Mr Dave Ansell on board as our school PE assistant. He will be working with Ms J to ensure that we keep on providing a variety of sporting experiences for our children. We are especially keen to develop our playground and engage as many children as possible in active play. The teachers are thinking very hard about this too, as it is an important part of the school day. We want to make the playground a great place to be!

Christmas sing along!

Key Stage One Christmas Performance

Westie Factor Winners!

Warrington Wolves visit our school!

School Games News week beginning December 7th 2015


This week we have had some children from Year five attend a Change for Life Champions day at Chester university. These children were chosen as ambassadors for our school and they all thoroughly enjoyed the day. They will be leading a lunchtime activity group and teaching their peers some new, fun and exciting games and activities! Well done to all the participants!

Boccia Tournament Photos!

School Games News Week beginning 23rd November 2015


Year Six Road to Goodison

This week our Year Six Football team travelled to Priestley College to play in the Road to Goodison Competition. We bravely battled the lashing rain, however for the safety of everyone the tournament was called off after we had only played one match. This was the correct decision by the organisers as it was very unpleasant weather.


Decisions like this are not taken lightly as the School Sport Partnership are aware that schools have spent money on transport, staff have been taken out of class to attend with the children resulting in classes being covered by either supply teachers or other hard working staff (at a cost to the school), however the safety of the children is paramount and must be the deciding factor when situations especially with weather do occur.


We recognise that at times short notice of cancellation is inevitable and do apologise for any disruption to parents who may wish to support our teams. We try to keep to fixtures and timetables as much as possible due to the reasons outlined above and are very grateful for the support we receive from our loyal parents - we do try to be as stoic as possible and go ahead whenever we can.

Our Westbrook Old Hall sports people are very passionate about our teams as you know! We hope you understand we cannot control the weather!

The tournament group stages will be rescheduled for February/March. 


Year Six Cluster Football Tournament

Tuesday was most definitely not a total washout!!!


Despite the soaking during the day, our Year Six team still had their cluster competition to compete in after school on Tuesday! So with kits drying on radiators during the afternoon, they all were keen to get to the competition after school. 


The cluster schools league is held after school at Penketh High School on Tuesdays. Each half term, Ms Jones organises a different sport for the Primary schools in the area to compete in. She has been doing this for many years and along with the Sports Leaders from the high school provide the children with experience of competing for their schools and getting to know other children from local schools so the transition to high school is less formidable for many of our pupils. We thank her for her efforts.


This week we had to play in the Sports Hall due to the inclement weather. As the leaderboard stood we had played all our group stages. There were a lot of teams taking part so the top four teams played for the championship. We came out top of the league so were playing in the Champions league.

This week were the deciding matches! We played two matches against Great Sankey Primary and Barrowhall Lane Primary. We drew the one game 1-1. The only goal we had conceded in the whole tournament. We won the other match ... It was tense and not good for Ms J's blood pressure!


At the end of the matches, we filed into the classroom for the presentations. We won the tournament for the second year running!

Well done to all the children taking part and huge thanks to the parents who transport them to the fixtures and support us!


Boccia Tournament


Football is not the only sport we took part in this week. After the success of the Warrington School Sport Partnership Primary Ability Day, we found we had some talented pupils in a more unusual sport! 

Boccia is a form of inclusive bowls. The wonderful thing about this sport is that able bodied and children with additional needs can play it alongside each other.

We sent a team of five pupils to the tournament, four from Year six and one from Year four. 

They enjoyed the competition and came third overall. Well done team! Now they plan to share their talent with the younger children in Reception and KS1 and show them how to play Boccia!


Year Three Handball


The Year Six School Games Crew have been running a competition for Year Three. The group games have been played and we are now running semifinals for the top four teams and finals should be held this week! Results coming soon!




Year 3 Handball Tournament!

U11's Girls Football Team

School Games News week beginning 16.11.15

Congratulations to the Year 5 & 6 Girls Football Team for winning the U11's ESFA Girls Football Tournament this week held at priestly college in the wind and rain. The girls did an amazing job, winning every game they played and only conceding 1 goal throughout the whole tournament, because they won this tournament, they can now progress to the next round which will be held in Crewe later on in the year for the North West Regional Finals!.


This week our School Games Crew are running a handball tournament for the Year Three children who wanted to take part. Thirty children have been divided into six teams. The Year Six children have volunteered to be team managers, referees, timekeepers, scorers and reporters. The children are all looking forward to the matches. We will let you know results next week.


Unfortunately, the Year five Road to Goodison competition has had to be postponed. We will let to you the revised date as soon as possible.

On Thursday the 19th our Girls under 11s Football team will be playing the remainder of their competition matches. Good Luck girls!

SCHOOL GAMES week beginning 9th November



The Warrington School Sport Partnership have been in touch to say that our Year Six Mixed team have made it through to the next round of the English Schools' Football competition. They will go to Moss Farm for the next round. Good Luck to them!


Two teams from Year Four competed in the Road to Goodison Football competition. The children all enjoyed the tournament. 


The Year six boys Football team competed at the Penketh High School Cluster tournament in the first matches of this league. They played three matches and won all of them. This league will take place for another three weeks. Well done lads!

Year Four Football Squad

School Games news week beginning 2nd November


Welcome to a new half term! This half term we are going football crazy!!!

Our Year Three football team played on Tuesday at Priestly College. They played well and reached the semi final of the knockout stages against Penketh South Primary. At the full time whistle it was nil all. Then they went to extra time and at the end it was still nil-nil!

So they went to penalties ...

Each team took five penalties, they scored two goals!! Ultimately, they went to sudden death and unfortunately lost on the second penalty. Everyone had a brilliant time and really enjoyed the competition.


English Schools Under 11 competition


Our Year 6 team went to Priestly college excited for the brilliant competition ahead.

When they got there, the team got put into pools [there were three pools]. We were in pool three.  In the first match the team played confidently and cruised to a 1- nil win. After another win the team drew against Outrington, which meant they went through to the semi finals against Stockton Heath Primary. 

Both teams were evenly matched but due to a controversial decision lost by one goal. The team were a credit to our school and despite being a little disappointed behaved in a mature and respectful manner.


Our Harvest donation Golden Apple

Thank you to all our parents and friends who came along to see our Harvest assembly. The Year three children performed beautifully and our Scarecrow's wedding was the best yet!

The children voted for which charity to donate our money raised. The majority voted for Save the Children. We raised £205.68. Thank you all!

School Games News week beginning 19/10/15


Well done to our girls football team who competed at Priestly College on Tuesday. They won all three of their matches and need to play some more before we see if they have got through to the next round of the English Schools football competition - Girl Power!

School Games News Week beginning 12/10/15


Last week was a very busy week for us in terms of sport. 


Tuesday was the last Penketh netball cluster competition. Both teams played really well throughout the competition. We ended up fifth overall in the competition. Well done girls!


On Wednesday, thirteen children participated in the Warrington School Sport Partnership Primary ability day at Orford Hub. The children had a lot of fun taking part in a variety of sporting activities such as rugby, athletics, boccia and curling.


On Thursday, our school rugby squad took part in the Schools World Cup tag rugby tournament held at Lymm Rugby club. The children played pool matches and one of our teams made it to the quarter finals narrowly missing getting to the semi final by one try!

Fifteen year five and six children took part - all played hard and showed determination and passion for the sport.





Year Six are taking part in an intra school basketball competition at lunchtimes and break times during this half term. The children have organised themselves into teams and our PE apprentice Mr Auton is refereeing the matches and has drawn up the league table. Well done to all the children taking part, and all the supporters on the sideline for their fairplay and positive encouragement! Watch this space for the results ... Will it be Mr Moore's or Ms Tipping's class who emerge victorious?


We have two teams entered in the Penketh High Netball cluster competition. Both our teams have played several matches and one of our teams currently tops the leaderboard! They still have two weeks of matches in the competition and the girls are showing dedication and commitment to their teams - Well done and keep up the good work!

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Two of our wonderful children, Thomas and Olivia Jacobs, have organised their very own Macmillan coffee morning to raise money for a very worthy cause. We are especially proud of them as this was all their own idea. They set a target of £50 but they managed to raise an astonishing ........£130!!!!


Well done Thomas and Olivia. You should be very proud of yourselves.

New School Signage

We are looking to update the signage around school and would like your opinions on our shortlisted options.


Please take a look at the choices on the pdf document below and look out for the slip we will soon be sending home for you to cast your votes on your top two preferences.


Thank you!


Congratulations to Thomas Hand, in Mrs Johnson's class.  He was the lucky winner of a £25.00 cinema voucher in our Gardening Fundraiser Raffle.


Thank you to everyone who bought tickets.  We raised £127.00 to go towards buying plants to brighten up our outdoor areas.


Congratulations to our Easter Egg competition winners. They were all "eggsalent"


Class 1 Morgan Rothwell
Class 2 Caitlin Myers
Class 3 Luke Staples
Class 4 Thomas Wharton
Class 5 Charlie Banks
Class 6 Molly Wormald
Class 7 Freya Ross
Class 8 Oliver Garmston
Class 9 Siena Critchley
Class 10 Evin O'Kane
Class 11 Francessa Price
Class 12 Georgia Hollingsworth
Class 13 Charlotte Homer
Class 14 Coeyn Cassisdy



Proposed Artwork for New Signage

Easter Egg Competition 2015

Year 2 Residential trip to Burwardsley Outdoor Education Centre March 2015

Friday 20th March - Solar Eclipse Assembly

Year 3 have been making their faces funny for Red Nose Day 2015.

Check out the link on our Year 3 page to see the videos that they have made using the app Morfo Booth.


2nd March - 6th March 2015

World Book Week Song - written and performed by Jamelia, Leah and Alesha

Still image for this video

World Book Day what a host of characters and what fun we had!!

Still image for this video


Coffee Morning smiley

 Ms Brennan and Mrs Boyce would like to say a big thank you to all parents, grandparents , carers, retired staff and staff that donated cakes, gave of their time , made donations and attended our coffee morning. 

It was a pleasure to see you all enjoying a cuppa and a chat with your children and friends.

We are sure we have raised a significant amount of money towards new books. We will let you know when we have  the final figure. 

THANK YOU smiley

Raffle Prize Winnerssmileysmiley

Food Hamper          B Haughton Y2 (160 blue)

Beauty Hamper        E Dean Y4 ( 60 pink)

Gift Teddy              Mr O'Gara  (145) 

Sanctuary Spa         M Beardmore Y3 (167)

Sanctuary Spa         F Scott  Y5  (196)

Manicure set           C Evans  Y4  (23)

Hand Cream  set      Mrs Rowlands  Y5  (171)

Necklace                  E Walker (Y6 )  (250)

Bath set                   C Mojoha Y3    (87)

Handcare set           M Orford  Y5   (153)

Soap Set                 E Dean    Y4 (56)

Nature Extract set  S Faisal  Y4  (66)

Hand cream             A porter    Y4  (128)

Bath salts                F Scott  Y5 ( 198)

Bayliss Bubble bath  T Tindle Y1 (62)

 Pleasee collect your prize Friday evening or from the office next week. 

Thank you to all smiley


Safer Internet Day


Our Early Years children read an online story about a penguin who was using a laptop and iPad. The children had to think of what to do in each scenario and discuss this with the rest of the class.

Year 3 - E-Safety

Kyras group discuss E Safety.WMA

Dan's group discuss E Safety.WMA

Year 6 - E-Safety Drama Workshop



Monday 23rd February - Théatre sans Frontières visits Old Hall Primary Years 5 & 6


Wednesday 11th February 

Children in Year 2 and 3 had a special visit from Warrington Wolves Rugby Foundation.

Year 3 "Fantastic Mr Fox" Drama Workshop 3rd February 2015

Who Do You Share Your Details With?


On Wednesday 28th January our Year 3 children were very lucky and had a training session with Bonnie and Andy who are sport coaches from Everton Football Academy. 


This week our children are looking forward to their Christmas parties and getting into the spirit of Christmas.






Our Mixed, Under 11s Football Team got through their round robin competition and finished as Runners Up, after a very exciting final against Stockton Heath. They will now compete in the ‘English Schools’ League’ at Moss Farm next term, representing Cheshire.


Our Handball Team had a convincing victory in their tournament, held at Great Sankey High. They won all their matches and only let in 2 goals! Two of our Football Teams have been competing at Penketh High and next week is their final fixture. 


Two special football matches will be held next week to commemorate WW1 Truce Week. The first is at St  Barnabas School after school on Tuesday (9th December) and the second is here at Westbrook Old Hall, after school on Thursday (11th December). Everyone is welcome to come along and support us!







Our Golden Apple winners were invited by the John Holt Cancer Support Foundation to a teddy bear's picnic!  This was all to support their nomination for a grant from the People's Millions.  A film crew from ITV came to our school to film the children.  The event will be on television on ITV during or after Granada Reports on Thursday 27th November.




Westie Calendar 2014


Well done to the Westie Calendar Competition winners!

Congratulations Ruby, Sophie, Ethan, Molly, Megan, Leen, Max, Adam, Jade, Charlie, Charlie and Nathan. 

Mr Moore will let parents know as soon as the calendar becomes available to buy. This will be before Christmas. 


Well done to everybody who took part in the competition, Mr Moore found it really hard to only pick 12. 

Thank you to everybody who came along to our Harvest Festival Assembly this morning. Our Year 3 children put on a wonderful assembly and reminded us about the signifigance of Harvest. We send a special thank you to Reverend Martin who came along to say some very special words.


Have a lovely half term holiday and we will see you back at school on Monday 3rd November.

"Harvest For The World "- The Christians

Children throughout the school are preparing to celebrate the festival of Harvest. We welcome parents and carers to join us for our Harvest Performance on the morning of Thursday 23rd October which will be led by our Year 3 children

Mr Quinn's Ice Bucket Challenge

Still image for this video

Mr Quinn's Ice Bucket Challenge

Thank you to everybody who donated cakes or came along to our Macmillan coffee morning today. It was a fabulous morning and we have raised lots of money for a great cause.

We will confirm the total raised next week when all monies have been collected.


Many thanks for your support.

Old Hall Staff

Year 3's Mediterranean Lunch at Elmas, Lymm 24/09/14

We celebrated the European Language Week by learning some basic Welsh vocabulary