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Welcome to Anti-Bullying Week - 'United Against Bullying'

Anti-Bullying Week - 16th - 20th November, 2020.


Here are a range of resources to support you this week. 


In addition, material has also been posted under: 'News and Events/Special Events/Anti-Bullying Week - 16th - 20th November, 2020 - which will be updated throughout the week.   This currently includes an  outline of the purpose and events of the week, together with the 'Anti-Bullying Week, 2020 - A Tool for Parents and Carers - United Against Bullying'.  


The intention is to deliver:

  1. The 'Launch Assembly' (10 - 15 mins) and accompanying lesson/jigsaw puzzle piece during your regular assembly time slot this week.
  2. The 'Odd Socks Virtual Assembly' (25 mins) - on Friday 'Odd Socks Day' - when the children will also come to school in ODD SOCKS to signify they are 'Unique and different - yet the same and equal'. This could be played during our regular Friday assembly time.

However, it is up to you, how you decide to timetable the assembly and accompanying tasks this week.  Feel free to continue anything unfinished into next week.


See below for supporting resources:


1.  The Launch Assembly (15 - 20 mins)

  • PowerPoint with voice over from AT and the Year 6 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, containing:
    • Embedded links to:
      • Primary Anti-Bullying Video
      • The Kids are United (against bullying) song, by Andy and the Odd Socks
    • Link to the Secondary Anti-Bullying Video (Year 6 only)

Launch Assembly (use this one as a fall back - without voice over - just in case of 'technical difficulties'... )

2.  The Anti-Bullying Week Supporting Lesson, including:

  • Lesson PowerPoint
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Piece
  • Links to other lesson plans/activities should you wish to peruse and use.
3.  Friday - Odd Socks Day - Virtual Assembly Video (25 mins).  Some time today could be used to complete any jigsaw puzzle pieces NOT completed during your assembly/lesson time.

Westie's Odd Socks - Celebrating difference

Still image for this video

'Odd Socks Day' supporting pack - contains optional activities

4. Special messages from Westie, and extra optional activities - for:

  • School Use
  • Home Use

    Note: If not here, you may need to look for these on the Anti-            Bullying Week page under: News and Events/Special Events/        Anti-Bullying Week, 16th - 20th, November, 2020.