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Each year, we look forward to our annual visit from the NSPCC team.  Today, they delivered an assembly for KS1 and one for KS2.  

The assemblies were focused around every child having the right to speak out and stay safe.  The children particularly enjoy these assemblies as it allows them to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings.

After the assembly, the NSPCC team provided workshops for Year 5 and 6.

There are some fantastic age appropriate resources on the NSPCC website that you could explore with your child.  



Health and Safety Poster Competition

Our Health and Safety Ambassadors have chosen the poster competition winners for this week.  








Our Health and Safety Ambassadors have been working hard to consider ways in which they can further ensure that our school is a happy and safe place to be.

During whole school assemblies on a Friday, it is the responsibility of the Health and Safety Ambassadors to pass on important information to the children about staying safe and happy.  The Ambassadors work in close conjunction with Mr Quinn and Mr Wilkes who visit all our classrooms on a Monday morning to check with teachers and children if there are any health and safety points they would like to make the whole school aware of.  Any points that the Health and Safety Team feel can be addressed are then fed back to the whole school during assembly.

However, our ambassadors felt that the health and safety messages were not embedded enough.

On Thursday 23rd January the ambassadors spoke with the children during KS2 assembly and highlighted some very exciting news:

  • the location of the new and dedicated Health and Safety Board (opposite the presentation board in the EY/Year 1 corridor)
  • a weekly competition across the school to design a poster to highlight they key health and safety points for the week.  Our ambassadors will chose one design from KS1, Lower KS2 and upper KS2 and these will be displayed on the Health and Safety Board
  • prizes will be awarded to the children whose posters are chosen for the display.

Year Y4 & Y5 choir members singing at Westvale House Care Home - 17/12/19

Y6 Choir and Orchestra Perform at St. Elphin’s Church 12/12/19

Ambassador School For Music Presentation by the Mayor of Warrington, Cllr Wendy Johnson 4/12/19

Anti-Bullying Ambassador Badge Competition Winners

So, the results are in!  Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have been working really hard (and it was such a hard decision given the fabulous entries), but the results are in...


In third place, congratulations to Livia in Year Five.

In second place, congratulations to Alishbah in Year Six.


Drum-roll please......

The design illustrator chosen for our Anti-Bullying badge was:


Well done Nathan!



Anti-Bullying 'Design a Badge' Competition

The competition to design a badge for anti-bully proved extremely popular and we were inundated by entries.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to hand their entry in - there were some fabulous, creative and inspiring designs.

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors had to whittle it down which took them quite some time, as you can see from the photographs.  

There was a lot of pondering and discussing...

After what was quite tough deliberations, our Ambassadors whittled it down to their chosen designs that reflected in words and illustrations, that bullying is unacceptable in any way, shape or form.

Here are the final designs that went forward for the possible winners:

The final designs chosen for the badge by our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will be announced during our KS2 assembly on Thursday.

Once again, thank you to everyone who took part!

Anti-Bullying Week

Monday 11th - Friday 15th November

Reported by: Lily G, Lily L and Zitong

Our Anti-Bullying Week began on Monday with a full school assembly.  During the assembly, Ms Tipping and the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors explained the focus for the week - CHANGE STARTS WITH US.  Our ambassadors encouraged the whole school to think about a simple change they could make to make others feel happy.  Some great suggestions were:


Asking someone if they would like to join in your game.

Tell someone that you like their hair.

Just being lovely to someone.

Asking someone how they are.

Anti-Bullying Week 2019: Change Starts With Us - primary school film

Anti-Bullying Week 2019 is happening from Monday 11th - Friday 15th November 2019. It has the theme Change Starts With Us. Here is our official primary school video. It was created with young people

It's Anti-Bullying |Week Competition Time...

Our Anti-Bulling Ambassadors are holding two competitions this week to reflect on our 'CHANGE STARTS WITH US' focus.


The first competition will be to design an Anti-Bullying badge. If you would like to take part, the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will be coming round to all classes this week with a circle template to draw your design on.


As well as this, there will be a funky hair day on Thursday for KS2 children and entries will be judged by our Ambassadors during KS2 assembly.  This is to reflect how we are all unique individuals.


So, if you're in, start planning your hairdo's and designs now!!

Pastoral Care:Anti-Bullying!

On Tuesday, we had a fun-packed afternoon in our pastoral care groups. With a partner, we made a pair of feet and we individually wrote down our own pledge as to what we could do ourselves to make our school a happier place to be. We wanted to make sure that our message was clear - CHANGE STARTS WITH US!

During the course of Anti-Bullying week, we each came to school in an odd pair of socks all week. We did this to show our uniqueness and individuality.

Our 'Perfect Presentation' Showcase

Have you noticed our 'Perfect Presentation' display cabinet in the main corridor at school?

It is positively popping with pride displaying the children's work from across the school, chosen by their class teacher. 

Each piece of work selected is displayed for the children, teachers, staff, visitors and parents/carers to admire and be inspired by that week.

Not only that, but the children who have their work displayed, receive a special Presentation Certificate to acknowledge the high standard of work they have achieved that week.

Make sure if you're visiting school, you take a look at the fantastic work produced by our children.




An interesting aerial set of photographs of our school from circa 1980, before the installation of the new roof and after.

Can you spot the differences?

School Council Visit to Great Sankey High School

Thursday 10th October


By Zitong and Hiba

Today, we were privileged enough to represent our School Council and attended a meeting at Great Sankey High School with all the school councillors in our Omega Mat Academy Trust. We took part in activities that helped bring the team together. Also, during the meeting, we discussed various projects for our community and how to improve our schools. We mentioned about having an anti-bullying pledge and events that could help raise money for charities. We will update you after our next meeting at Burtonwood Primary School, Monday 11th November.smiley.



Self-esteem is the focus for our Art Week.  Each child in their class will be producing a 'positive mood board' based on things that each child holds important to them (family, friends, hobbies, food etc).


Monday 14th October

The morning began using inking techniques to create a colour-wash on an A3 sheet of parchment paper.  Each child chose their own colour to achieve the technique.


Reception have colour-washed their sheets, as have Year 6. 


Year 5 have been researching famous artists around the world to inspire their choice of medium.


Year 4 are adopting a collage approach for the background of their positive mood boards.


Tuesday 15th October

Today saw a plethora of very creative activities taking place throughout school.

Year 6 focused on choosing amazing words to describe themselves (using dictionaries and thesauruses), printing them off and decorating their chosen words with different media.

Year 5 used skills of symmetrical drawing, creating self portrait pencil drawings.

Year 4 oozed with positivity, writing their favourite song lyrics onto a CD (there was lots of singing involved).

Year 3 demonstrated fine motor skills using poster paint to paint their rainbows.

Year 2 was a hive of activity as they chose and cut out powerful words that encourage positivity.

Mr Moore visited all year groups and was delighted with the skills, ideas and creativity shown by our children.  

Year 5 Self Portraits

Year 4 - CD Lyric Writing and Collaging

Year 2 - A Hive of Creativity

Wednesday 16th October

Another day packed with art skills and techniques!

In Year 1, the children chose two of their favourite colours and used oil pastels to draw something that was special to them.  After that, they used water colours to enhance their boards.  

They used different materials and glue to make a collage of their names.

In Year 6, the children used a clear laminated sheet to write a special memory on.  There were fantastic examples of beautiful, heartwarming writing.

Year 1 Using Mixed Media

Year 6 Writing on Laminated Sheets

Thursday 17th October

The penultimate day of Art Week and our children have demonstrated the ability to use a whole range of skills.  


In Year 5, they have been sewing their names and initials onto different fabrics.  Some children have used mono-printing to achieve different pattern designs.  Others have mixed paints to achieve a desired colour.


Reception are exceptionally proud of their cutting, sticking and glueing skills.   Look what they have produced so far...

Year 5 

Demonstrating lots of different techniques

Friday 18th October

The last day of Art Week and what a week it has been!  The children have smiled, laughed, shared memories, song lyrics, favourite food, chocolate and hobbies with each other and presented their own uniqueness creating a positive mood board.

The mood boards will form part of our art display and will be on show all around school.

Thanks Mr Moore for planning such a great week!


Year 6 finished their positive mood boards using glue dribbling techniques which gives a textured finished to parts of their mood board.


Still image for this video
Even Westie has enjoyed being creative during Art Week!  Pawsome!!

Lest we Forget..

Reporters: Matthew, Amber, Francesca and Alistair

Photographer: Michael

As we are approaching the 11th November, many people will recognise this momentous date, Remembrance Day, an event that commemorates the end of World War 1. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month weapons were laid down and the fighting ceased.  

In order to commemorate this significant date, we visited each class to explain the importance of this tragic event. Many children came together to donate money for the veterans, in exchange for snap bands, silicone bracelets, zip pullers, reflectors and the classic paper poppies. We set up a market during Year 1 and Year 2's coffee morning. Through out the morning we sold a total of 56 items.  

In Flanders Fields by John McCrae (May 1915)

'In Flanders Field' read by Anthony Davies. ©2014 blue dot music All Worldwide Rights Reserved. http://www.youtube.com/BlueDotMusic

A Short History of the Poppy

The Poppy is a symbol of remembrance worn every November to commemorate members of the armed forces who gave their lives in war. Its origins go back to the First World War... Support the cartoons on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/simplehistory?ty=c Get your copy of Simple History: World War I today!