Sporting Inspirations

Mr Trantum

"My British inspiration is the whole of Team GB from the Olympics in London 2012. They brought a whole new lease of life to British sport and managed to inspire a whole generation of people to get involved in sport."

Mrs Ellis

“My inspiration is Lindford Christie because I remember watching him as a child. This kick started my interest in athletics and inspired me to join my school’s athletics team.”

Mrs Clyne

"My British inspiration is Roger Bannister. He broke the sub 4 minute mile on 6th May 1954. He came from a generation where athletes weren't paid for doing their jobs, so he paved the way for professional athletes."

Mrs Murray

“My British inspiration is Gary Lineker. Whilst he was playing football he never received a yellow or a red card. He is a role model for our young people, epitomising the meaning of fair play in sport.”

Mrs Perry

"My British inspiration is Jasmin Paris, an ultrarunner and the first woman to win the the Spine race outright in 83 hours, 12 minutes and 23 seconds. Jasmin is determined and courageous, not to mention super fit and healthy."

Ms Tipping

"My British inspiration is Lewis Hamilton. Hard work, dedication and resilience are all qualities he possesses and are all reasons why he has become such a success story. His sport is also pretty exciting!"

Sports Crew

Our sports crew is made up of Year 5 and 6 students who help to organise and officiate intra-school competitions at breaktimes and lunchtimes.

They are made up of Administrators, Scorers, Equipment Organisers, Reporters and Photographers. We also have a small group of children who oversee all aspects of the sports crew as part of the Leadership Group.

Our sports crew is also in regular contact with the school council to ensure all classes are kept up to date with any events that happen inside school.

The sports crew also liaise with other schools to organise events and competitions.

Play Buddies

Our Play Buddies consist of 25, sensible and hardworking, boys and girls from Year 6 who help to run organised games at lunchtimes for KS1 children.

The aim of our Play Buddies is make lunchtime as fun as possible by providing as much activity as possible. They support our Midday Assistants in controlling behaviour and encouraging our younger children to play well and play lots.

Our Play Buddies are rewarded each week in our celebration assembly with the 'STAR PLAY BUDDY' award.