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School Dinner Menus

We will update this section with the new menu each term along with any special menus on offer.


School lunches are £2.40 a day, for anyone that usually pays for their lunch and can be ordered on a day to day basis.


Christmas Dinner Menu Tuesday 10th December 2019

Special Bonfire Day Lunch Tuesday 5th November 2019

***** 2018-19 *****

Thursday 18th July 2019

Menu with effect from Monday 29th April 2019

Week Commencing Tuesday 23rd April 2019

The Autumn-Winter menu below shows the options available, each week, up to the end of April 2019.

***** 2017-18 *****

Children can choose to have a hot dinner on a day to day basis and just pay on the day (£2.30) if they usually pay.

Royal Wedding Party Lunch - Thursday 17th May 2018

***** 2016-17 *****

Lunch time 'grab bags' will again be available for KS2 children from Monday 12th June 2017.


Bags will typically contain a sandwich, a savoury (e.g. sausage roll or cheese and onion pie), a biscuit, a piece of fruit and a drink.


Children will need to order these on the morning and pay for them as usual (£2.20) if they normally pay for school dinners.

'Summer Holidays' Special Menu - Friday 14th July

Feed Your Brain Menu - Thursday 18th May

Easter Menu - Friday 7th April 2017

School Dinner Menu (from 13th March 2017)

World Book Day Menu - Thursday 2nd March

Christmas Lunch Friday 9th December

School Dinner Menu (from 14th November 2016)

World Food Week 7th to 11th November 2016

Halloween Menu - Friday 21st October 2016

Greek Lunch Menu - Thursday 29th September 2016