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I'm A Snail - J.Oates 2015

I'm a snail and I leave my trail all around.
I'm a snail and I leave my trail on the ground.

I'm so sorry if I make a mess
upon the kitchen floor or by the back door.

I'm A Seed Lyric Video - Song by John Oates

This lyric video was created by Ryan Williams and portrays the growth of a seed. This song was written by John Oates for young children.

Old Hall Pre School - by John Oates - Garden Session 4

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Old Hall Pre School. That’s where we are!
Old Hall Pre School. Not very far from
my house where I live, with my family.
Old Hall Pre School a little home for me.


Trip Trap Billy Goat by John Oates - Garden Sessions 4

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Trip! Trap! Trip! Trap! Billy Goats Gruff.

1) Over the bridge green, green grass.
Nasty little troll didn’t want them to pass.

2) Goats one and two, they were small.
Nasty little troll didn’t fancy them at all.

3) Goat number three, he was strong.
Nasty little troll didn’t last very long.


Me! Me! It’s Only Me! - By John Oates - The Garden Sessions 3

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Me! Me! It’s Only Me! - John Oates 2011

Me! Me! It’s only me! From my head to toe.
Me! Me! No one but me! Just you watch me grow.

Verse 1.
I’ve got two legs, they bend at the knee and help me to crouch down low.
I’ve got two arms to wave in the air and hands to say ‘hello’. How are you doing?

Verse 2.
I’ve got two eyes, they help me to see, to search and to find my way, way, way!
I’ve got two ears for sounds all around! One nose to smell the air. Coming up roses!