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Reading in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 (KS1) is taught initially using a systematic, synthetic phonic approach.  Phonics is taught daily as a discrete lesson and we use 'Letters and Sounds' as a core scheme to teach synthetic phonics, which is multi-sensory, exciting and engaging.  During EYFS and KS1, children develop their phonic knowledge and skills and apply these in both reading and spelling.


As developing readers, children are encouraged to use a wider range of strategies to aid decoding of text and to enhance their understanding of material across a range of genres.  The reading scheme used for KS1 includes a variety of texts which are banded at an appropriate level.


'Phonics Play' is a website packed with interactive phonics games and many different resources to help your child to use their phonics skills in reading.  You can access this via the link, below.

Year 2 Phonic Screening Check


Below is a video describing the Statutory Phonic Screening Check, for Year 2 children, across November and December 2020.


All Year 2 children are expected to undertake the test.  Forty words will be presented to the children for them to read, using their phonic knowledge.


Additional support materials will be sent out by the Year 2 teachers across this time. 

Year 2 Phonic Screening Check Parent Information

Find out what's involved in the Statutory Phonic Screening Check. Additional support materials from school are available.