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Music - Years 5 & 6 (2015/16)

Judas & Peter

Part singing development.

Judas & Peter Backing

Water Song Idea by Samhita

Samhita has edited her chords and created a sequence. She has then created a melody with lyrics to sing over the top. A great effect is the way she has slowed her music down.

Y5 Chanting & Singing Instrumental Rhythms and Parts Before Playing

Beehive Song

Year 6 singing the register

Fin's song created using Garage Band January 2016

Fin edited chords before making a sequence. He then created a melody
on the piano before adding his lyrics.

Evie, Leah, Erin & Amelia - Garage Band Dec. 2015

This song was created on guitar originally and then transferred to Garage Band.
Copyright 2015

Leen - Christmas Song Dec. 2015

Leen created her own accompaniment using Garage Band.

Leen - Christmas song - guitar version

Garage Band Humming?

Scott & Aaron with their version of Battle Of Britain

The boys have created the backing and added three vocal parts to create the round.

Rainforest - Improvisation section c - Dec. 2015 (Y5) (0013)

Rain Forest Sung by Y5 Nov. 2015

Rainforest - Garage Band - Emily & Grace Nov. 2015

Garage Band Accompaniment - Rainforest Dec. 2015 (009)

Summer Goodbye - translated and sung by Daniel Loeb

Y6 - Daniel Loeb singing Sommer Auf Wiedersehen with accompaniment by Ben Brown

Y5 - Samba Rhythms & Melodic Ideas by Amelia & Leah

Using Garage Band the children created the rhythmic pattern of Samba and then
improvised a melody over the top.

Y5 - Samba Rhythms by Alain and Elwin

Alain and Elwin sing over the top of their Samba rhythms.

Y5 - Samba Improvisations by Cian

Cian has improvised a couple of voice parts over his Samba rhythms.

Y5 - Samba Rhythms by Sruthi

Sruthi created her Samba rhythm and then improvised a simple melody of the top.

Y5 - Chinese Dragon sung by Mrs Dingle's class. January 2015

This song is sung unaccompanied. The children sing
many different pitches.

Y5 - Chinese Dragon Instrumental. Jan. 2015

The children sing and play two tuned parts whilst keeping
in time with the pulse. One tuned part is the melody.

Y6 - Battle Of Britain

Y6 children performing a song written by Mr Oates called Battle Of Britain.
Some children play an ostinato pattern whilst others improvise using a
pentatonic scale. October 2014.

Y5 - London's Burning

Y5 children perform London's Burning with simple untuned percussion and
tuned percussion part.

Alesha and Leah - Rock guitar instrumental - 2014/15

Cupboard Key Improvisation - Adam and Reiss - 2014/15 Y6

Y6 - Alisha playing 'Bagatelle In A Minor' - Fur Elise

The melody of this well known tune played by Alisha.

Test 5

Test 6