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Music - Years 3 & 4 (2015/16)

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Summer by Scarlett

Scarlett has used Soundation at home to create this exciting sequence of sounds.

Victorian Historian Backing Demo

This song was written by Mr Oates in 2015.

Victorian Historian


Victorian historian one two three.

Victorian historian look at me!


We could share our toys and make lots of noise.

In the streets around our house.


Bats and balls we made to use in games we played.

Skipping ropes, hoola hoops, chasing, playing tag.

Y3 sing the register Jan 2016

New Song - Year 3

Emily, Siena & Olivia with a new song idea.

James & Dion - Teachers Dec. 2015

Y4 sing Victorian Historian chorus to Garage Band backing.

Sofia & Sydny- Spotlight Nov. 2015

The children in Year 3 have been listening to the Italian aria 'Nessun Dorma' as sung by Pavarotti. Mr Oates took the translation of these words and made a simple song for the children to sing. The children have been creating rhythmic sequences to accompany this song.

Nobody Shall Sleep - Sung by Mrs Jamison's Class - Nov. 2015

This song is based around the translation of the aria 'Nessun Dorma.'

Nobody Shall Sleep - Sung by Mrs Perry's class - Nov. 2015

This song is based around the translation of the aria 'Nessun Dorma.'

Y4 - Miriam & Caitlin sing Sleepy Time

BBC Schools' Internet Radio - audio resources

Y4 - Habiba sings a song in Tamil


Pompeii ostinato


Pompeii is a round. The melody is sung by different voices at different

Y3 - Books

A song for World Book day by Sophie, Freya and Sofia from Year 3.
March 2015

Y4 - Lost Happy Endings - Improvisation by Aryan and Jamie

Aryan and Jamie have combined a good vocal line to their backing track.

Y4 Garage Band - Lost happy Endings by Takara and Millie

Takara and Millie have added two vocal parts to their Lost Happy Endings backing track.

Y4 Garage Band Sound Ideas. Jan 2015

The children explored combining different samples of sound
whilst creating patterns. They then added a simple vocal phrase
over the top. This was created by Sara & Charlotte.

Y4 Garage Band - Hannah (Jan 2015)

Listen to the high note Hannah sings in her Garage Band work.
Hannah has gone for a sparse backing for her striking vocal line.

Y4 Garage Band - Aylish - Jan 2015

Aylish has found a wonderful bass sound to use here. Her vocal is very gentle
in comparison.

Y4 Garage Band - Ava & Miriam - January 2015

Both girls have added a vocal part to compliment each other. Listen to
how their vocal phrases fit in with the rhythm of the strings in the background.

Garage Band Y4 - Aurora & Charlotte - January 2015

A very good attempt at blending two voices together. This is how we
develop songwriting.

Garage Band Y4 - Mikail & McKenzie

Very interesting sounds used in the background and a pleasing
vocal line.