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Music - Years 1 & 2 (2015/16)

Health & Safety Time by Charlotte

Allunde Backing Track

BBC Children's School Radio - Audio Resources

Y2 Singing the register Jan 2016

Megan - Year 1 - January 2016

Follow Me

Megan - Year 1 - January 2016

Rainbows Flying By

Olivia Y2 - Dec. 2015

Barn Owl Backing Track - J. Oates

Y2 - Pirate song by Siena & Leah

Y2 - Pirate song by Archana

Y2 - Golden Apple song by Ben

Y2 - Tyler singing Rockin' & Rollin'

Y1 - Help Me by Lily, Olivia & Georgia

Y1 - Unicorn Hunt by Olivia, Georgia & Lily (Wheels on the Bus tune)

Y2 - Alfie & Alexia Sing Angry Birds

Angry Bird song by Alexia & Alfie

Up Willow Hill by Sreeja & Anouska in Year 2

The girls wrote this song after their residential visit to Burwardsley.

Sankey Valley Animals

A Sad Little Hedgehog (1st Verse repeated) J. Oates 2012

Y1 - Golden Apple Song by Georgia

Y1 - Golden Apple song by Olivia

Y1 - Golden Apple Song By Lily

Coots! J. Oates 2015

Coots! Coots!
Have a white beak.
Dive very deep under the water.
Coots! Coots!
Have a white beak.
Dive very deep for their food.


Y1 - Days of the week song by Georgia, Olivia & Lily

Jasmine's Moorhen song

Oliver's Moorhen lyrics

Y1 - Olivia, Georgia & Lilly sing Heroes

Y1 - Olivia, Georgia & Lilly sing Seasons

Y1 - Olivia, Georgia & Lilly sing Ear Tape

Y1 - Urgh Huh! by Olivia, Lily, Georgia & Anaibah

Olivia's song lyrics - What can I be?

Y1 - Come to our book fayre by Olivia, Georgia, Anaibah & Lily

Another song from these year 1 songwriting wizards.

Nocturnal Animal song by Ben in Year 2

Ben brought this song to share with the class.

Nocturnal Animals Lyrics by Ben

Nocturnal Animals

Barn Owl


Silently, through the air.

Under silver moon light.

Barn owl swooping low,

searching for its food tonight.


Brown field mouse keeping still

while the hunter flies above.

Barn owl swooping low,

​little mouse, its favourite grub. 


J. Oates 2015

Barn Owl by J. Oates 2015

Barn Owl Swooping Low - Pitch & Rhythm

Does it start high or low? What rhythm can you hear?

Sreeja's lyrics for her space song.

Y2 - Space Song by Sreeja

Sreeja has taken a well known tune and added her own space lyrics.
Listen to how she rhymes her words and just alters the tune a little.

Katrina's space song lyrics. 2015

Y2 - A song about space by Katrina. 2015

Katrina uses two verses and a repeated chorus as the structure of her song.

Y2 - In My Rocket!

The children from Miss William's class sing this short song
as part of their music lessons. The song uses just 4 pitches -
Doh, Ray, Me & Fa. Song by J. Oates

Y2 - In My Rocket

As above but with Mrs Jamison's class.

Y2 - Olivia sings her space song.

Olivia has used some great patterns in her melody.