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Music - Early Years Foundation Stage (2015/16)

In The Animal Zoo by Isabella, Daisy & Amber

This song by Isabella has got 2 parts.

The Cow Goes Moo by John Oates

The cow goes moo! The cow goes moo! Moo moo moo moo The cow goes moo!

Te Ta Ta Ta

Notes by William - Feb 2016

Charlotte singing Five Little Monkeys January 2016

BBC Schools' Radio - Audio Resources For Children

Meerkats standing tall, looking out for danger.

Charlotte H. singing her song about fruit.

9 Little Puppies sung by Grace

Safaa and her song about vegetables.

Ruby singing her butterfly song.

Livia singing and playing the guitar

Charlotte H. sings her song 'I love you.'

Charlotte's Lyrics.

Sam's water song

Lyrics for Sam's water song

Alice sings her version of 'I have a toy.'

Alice has taken the tune from 'I have a toy' and changed the words
to make the song about her grandmother.

Lilly & Eve singing about dogs

Hello Kitty by Ruby & Kitty

Safaa sings about chicks

What's On The Menu, Mr Fox? sung by Emily.

Emily sang the chorus from this song written by Mr Oates.
She sang to a year 6 class in February 2015.

London Bridge Is Falling Down

Reception children singing in October 2014 as part of their weekly music lesson.

Mrs Fegan's class singing 'I have a toy.' 2015

This short song was written by Mr Oates to help to develop singing
and the creation of sound patterns.

Mrs Johnson's class singing 'I have a toy.' 2015

Poppie singing 'I have a toy' and playing her sound pattern.

January 2015.

Livia singing her bird song.

January 2015