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Congratulations to Stelios!!


Stelios, from Y6, has been accepted at the Chetham's School of Music and is currently on the waiting list.


This is a fantastic achievement for Stelios to have achieved this level of musicianship at such a young age. 


Well done, Stelios.

Trav'lling In My Spaceship by John Oates

This song explores the idea of aliens finding the planet earth and being amazed at its beauty. If only we saw the planet the same way! The song is written fo...

I'm A Seed Lyric Video - Song by John Oates

This lyric video was created by Ryan Williams and portrays the growth of a seed. This song was written by John Oates for young children.

Across the Universe - Highly Commended Top 20 song by Emily & Sophie

Warrington Guardian Story - 6th May 2020


Top 40 spot for school girl writer in competition


By Ethan Davies



Emily hit the top 40


A SCHOOLGIRL from Bewsey enjoyed national success in the Song Academy Young Songwriting Competition 2020 – which is judged by Tom Odell and Imelda May.


Emily Murphy, 10, submitted ‘Across The Universe’ to the competition having had a helping hand from her friend Sophie Williamson on backing vocals and music teacher John Oates, who recorded Emily’s song.


Each year 160 entrants bid for glory in the competition, which is open to 8-16 year olds. ‘Across The Universe’ made it into the top 40, just missing out on a place in the final ten.


Emily, who has been using her time in lockdown to write more songs, said the prospect of being a finalist was ‘very surprising’. She added: “I know there are people there who are much, much older than me.!”


It’s not the first time Emily has tasted success, having come runner-up in Great Sankey High School’s ‘MatFactor’ competition, when she performed ‘Hallelujah’ on guitar.


Emily dreams of going into musicals, and is currently rehearsing with the First Act Drama group, as well as working with teacher Mr Oates on her singing.


She says they are responsible for ‘boosting her confidence’ enough to enter the competition.


Mum Louise, who works for the NHS, says she is “really proud” of Emily.


“Mr Oates is really supportive and encouraging. [Emily] works hard and practices a lot. I think it’s all come together to make her enjoy it and branch into writing songs, as well as playing somebody else’s.


“Look out Adele!”

Blue Sky - Garden Sessions 4 by John Oates

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Sitting in the sunshine on a summer’s day.
Listen to the birds sing and children play.
Looking at my shadow stretching on the floor,
Up above just blue sky and nothing more but

Blue Sky, nothing but
Blue Sky. Up above just blue sky and nothing more.

2) Sitting in the garden looking at the trees.
Feel the gentle wind blow it makes me sneeze.
Looking at my ice cream dripping on the floor.
Up above just blue sky and nothing more but

Blue sky. Nothing but Blue Sky.

Up above just blue sky and nothing more.

By J. Oates 2015

Trip Trap Billy Goat by John Oates - Garden Session 4

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Trip! Trap! Trip! Trap! Billy Goats Gruff. X2

1) Over the bridge green, green grass
Nasty little troll didn’t want them to pass.

2) Goats one and two, they were small.
Nasty little troll didn’t fancy them at all.

3) Goat number three, he was strong.
Nasty little troll didn’t last very long.


Wash Your Hands by John Oates

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Thank you to the children and parents for their support in making this resource.

Me! Me! It’s Only Me! - By John Oates - The Garden Sessions 3

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Me! Me! It’s Only Me! - John Oates 2011

Me! Me! It’s only me! From my head to toe.
Me! Me! No one but me! Just you watch me grow.

Verse 1.
I’ve got two legs, they bend at the knee and help me to crouch down low.
I’ve got two arms to wave in the air and hands to say ‘hello’. How are you doing?

Verse 2.
I’ve got two eyes, they help me to see, to search and to find my way, way, way!
I’ve got two ears for sounds all around! One nose to smell the air. Coming up roses!

The Hall Session 1 - Health & Safety

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Celebration Assembly song by J. Oates

I Want To Be An Olympian- by John Oates - The Garden Sessions 2

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This song speaks of the love of people unknown. 2011 J.Oates

I want to be an Olympian and compete for my country.
Take the challenge and face my fears, find the courage within me.

Verse 1 - To feel my heart about to explode.
A sea of hope and emotion.
To feel the love of people unknown
and hear their cries of elation, hear their cries of elation.

The Hall Session 1 - Golden Apple 2018

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Celebration Assembly Song by J. Oates

May Our School (School Prayer) John Oates - The Garden Session 1

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Golden Apple 2019 John Oates - The Garden Session 1

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Instrumental Lessons


The links below will direct your child to instrumental sites on the internet. Most of these sites have free videos for your child to watch. By placing these links here I am not suggesting that you should pay for any online lesson but that there is support online to help your child continue with their studies.


Parental supervision is always required when your child accesses the internet.