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Aloha, ardent assessees 

Yiperdeedoodah!  After you have marked and corrected your work on Roman Numerals, it's party time!

 Yes, the time has come for you to have some maths 'show off' time, demonstrating for me, your knowledge of Place Value.

Remember, you WILL need to step through systematically, think, think, thinking and check, check checking, as you go.  Use your book/jotting paper for your W/J.  Annotate (scribble your thinking down on) the worksheet - it will help you! 

So, put your best maths smile on; flex those maths muscles and you and your brain, show me what you know!  Have fun!  

If the Year 6 QQ is a little too tricky, complete the Year 5 one!
Answers on the website tomorrow!  Remember you are aiming for between 60% - 80% or higher.

Salutations, Roman reckoners...

Today's learning is a revision session on Roman Numerals, and will bring our unit on Place Value to a close.  

Once again, follow your routine of marking Mon/Tues's work on Negative Numbers, if you haven't managed to get to that yet.  The White Rose answer sheets are attached to Tuesday's session below; the answers to the extension activity  - negative number word problems are attached below. 

Then, revise and extend your understanding of Roman Numerals.  I have included the Year 5 work, that you may have missed during lockdown, but have also included the prior year's learning should you feel that you need to step back to that first.  Good Luck, and have fun! 


Roman Numerals - Information Sheet

Prior Learning - Roman Numerals Resources

And so we continue with our negative numbers....

Continue on with the work set on negative numbers yesterday.  It is important that you work systematically through the materials.  Like I said yesterday, if you find the YR6 materials a little too tricky, SELECT the YR5 options. 


Complete the tasks assigned, then MOVE ON TO MARK AND CORRECT ALL THE WORK COMPLETED YESTERDAY AND TODAY - noting down any aspects that you are still feeling a little wobbly on!

Extension Activity:

If you complete all tasks set, along with the marking, correction and noting down any wobbles - and you still have some time - I have included an extra reasoning and problem solving worksheet for you to work on.  You do not need to complete all of these questions - select some to fit into the time you have remaining.  One is easier, and one is more challenging.  Choose depending on your level of confidence.  USE A COLUMNAR METHOD WITH ALL W/J SHOWN.



Good morning, mathemagicians!!

So, we continue on our Place Value journey, with Negative Numbers.  However, once again, you will be marking and correcting your work from Friday, before sending a photograph to me - if your adults have the time.  (Don't mither - it is up to them, when that time is!  Please provide me with your score, BEFORE corrections were made - just jot it down on the top of your worksheet).


This week, I am giving you 2 DAYS (Monday and Tuesday) to complete the Negative number work, as, in addition to your marking, there are a COUPLE of new videos to work through, as well as your worksheets.


I have also included ALTERNATIVE Year5 videos and worksheets for any of you who find the Year6 videos and worksheets a bit too tricky.  You can use these either to remind yourselves of what you learned in Year 5 last Year, before completing the Year 6 work - or you can complete these activities AS AN ALTERNATIVE, if you are finding the Year 6 work a little baffling!  You will need to decide on this independently, or with your adult if they are available.  Do push yourselves, though!  You will be surprised how much you know, if you really dredge those brains of yours.  Good luck, and have fun!


Today's New Learning

Good morning, my little Place Value Aficionados.


Time to mark our work from yesterday, and consolidate our learning from this week!

Today's session...

If you feel that you want to do more practice... If you don't have your homework book, use the squared paper attached.

OPTIONAL - How about a little bit of family fun with this one?

And paper for anyone...


Wakey, wakey, rise and shine!  New maths skills are calling!


Time to mark your work on rounding 10, 100, 1000 from yesterday!


I know some of you are finding rounding numbers tricky.  Please, if you are still scratching your head over yesterday's calculations and problems - just replay the video, and take another look at the things you didn't get right yet!  When the going gets tough, you have to dig in!  On the other hand, others will have finished the work with confidence.  So, well done, everyone!


Today's New Learning - Rounding any Number

True or False - Time to think, think, think! Don't get tricked!

Today's problems and calculations.

Blank squared paper, should you need it.

I will put the answer sheet for 'Rounding Any Number' up tomorrow.  DON'T send me copies of any work UNTIL you have marked it on Friday. 

Don't forget to correct the work that you mark today, and let me know if there are things you are really not confident with, so that Mrs Lloyd and myself can quickly straighten out any little bumps in the road for you!


Good morning, my budding little number-crunchers!


Lots of you seem to have got on very well with your work so far - but now it's crunch time! 


First off, you need to mark your work from yesterday, to see how you got on.  Don't forget to: correct any 'not right yets'; understand where you went wrong; and/or leave me a message if there is ANYTHING that you don't actually understand.  Just write it on your sheet, or on the workings and jottings paper.

Today, we are moving on to a REVISION session on rounding numbers.  Do you remember the rule of 5?  5 and above you ROUND UP to the NEXT tens number, and 4 and below, the tens number you are rounding to STAYS THE SAME.

ANSWERS TO COMPARE AND ORDER NUMBERS - Mark your work, and let me know your final score - BEFORE corrections

True or False - Rounding Numbers to 10; 100; 1000 - THINK, THINK THINK! Don't get tricked!

Worksheet - Revision Session - Rounding Numbers to 10; 100; 1000

Workings and Jottings Squared Paper


Welcome, my mathematician friends, to our first day of home learning for Maths! 


Without further ado, it's time to get down to it, and have some digit fun!  Spend an hour or so working through these resources.  Find a spot with minimum distractions.  Don't forget to work and jot, and check your answers as you go.  Make sure you 'explain' like a mathematician. 


I have attached some squared paper for you to print off, should anyone need it.  Good Luck!

Ordering Numbers - True or False?

Blank squared paper - should anyone need it