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Ms Tipping's Maths

Welcome to week 2's homework.  Now that we have spent some time looking at 'place value', please complete all of the calculations marked in RED.


Remember to use column addition and column subtraction for ALL of the calculations.  ALL WORKINGS AND JOTTINGS MUST BE SHOWN FOR ALL CALCULATIONS.


Take care with your 'Place Value Alignment'; make sure you perform the operation identified; and CALCULATE CAREFULLY.   I expect a minimum score of 8/10.


Have fun, all. 



Welcome to your first homework of Year 6.  Working from the attached 'strip', please complete the 10 questions highlighted in red.  Set them out carefully using a column method, taking care with your 'place value'.


Work in your new maths homework books.  Please set your pages out EXACTLY as we do in class, with a left hand AND right hand margin for your W/J.


Remember, HAVE FUN!