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Happy Thursday! It's the last day working from home! Hurrah! Here are your answers from yesterday's work.

Here are yesterday's answers:
Today's work. Power Point to help and questions below:
Here are yesterday's answers. Remember if you get stuck on some of the questions don't panic! Just do your best.
Well we've got there! It's FRIDAY! Just another week to go. Here are yesterday's answers and today's work. Maths homework answers will be put on Seesaw at the end of the day. Have a great weekend!

Here are your answers for Wednesday's work.

Today's work below.

Wednesday 7th October

Before you begin today's work, here are the answers from yesterday's work. Once you've marked it you can complete today's work. Have a good day.

Feel free to use your Maths homework book to do this work. I can put answers on tomorrow for you to see how you did.