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Learning At Home - 2020 -2021

There may be occasions when pupils need to access learning from home.  In the event of a partial or full closure, you will be able to access the daily home learning tasks below.


If your child is having to isolate, please access the links below to access appropriate learning activities.


Should you require paper copies, school will prepare a pack so that learning can continue without the need for a computer/android device.  Contact the school office and request your pack.

An alternative secure learning platform Seesaw will be launched later this term.  Whilst staff are still receiving training, we aim to use Seesaw for homework across the next month and we will use both platforms in tandem in the autumn term.

Part 1 - Submitting Work for the Seesaw Journal

Helping pupils and their parents respond to work assigned on the Seesaw learning platform

Part 2 - Submitting Work for the Seesaw Journal

Part 3 - Using The Family Code

How family members can view a pupil's completed, approved work in the journal.

Accessing Resources for Home Learning