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Garage Band 2016

Elwin - chord sequence

Ishieta - chord sequence and melodic part

Anika - Chord sequence and two part vocal

Eshan - sequence of edited chords Feb. 2016

Nathan's one chord idea - Feb 2016

Nathan has used just one chord but his choice of sounds is excellent.

Evie & Erin - Sequence & Instrumental melody Feb 2016

When the children create melodic patterns like this they are encouraged to improvise
until an idea or sound pattern presents itself.

Ben - Sequence and vocal idea

Ben has made good use of repetition in his melodic idea. Feb 2016

Battle Of Britain - Scott & aaron

Nicholas & Alex - Battle Of Britain Oct. 2015

Nicholas has recorded the chord sequence and ostinato part.
He has then recorded the vocal three times to create the effect of a 'round.'

Sophie - sequence and melody Feb. 2016