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BABELZONE La chanson des squelettes

Listen to the skeleton song about the time (if the play button does not work then click the link here!


Hi all,


So, our learning objective today is "To understand o'clock phrases in French"

Watch the Youtube video attached, or click the link here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj7V-Dw4Hk4&t=35s


After watching can you tell me how to say o'clock in French? 

Then have a go at the worksheet. 


See you soon guys. Stay safe smiley

Mr Corcoran :) 

Match it or Match it plus. (Match is plus is a bigger challenge for those who want it. Don't look at the second page until you have completed so you check your answers after !

If you want to challenge yourself further after doing the first worksheet. Have a go at these time phrases. Think about the numbers up to 60.



It is 12:20 = Il est douze heures vingt. 


1. It is 11:30 

2. It is 11:30 pm (think about the 24 hour clock here!) 

3. It is 6:45

4. It is 22:25

5. It is 12:53

6. It is 9:50

7. It is 19:42

8: It is 21:59

9: It is 9:12

10. It is Midnight! 

French Numbers