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If you have completed the work set here why not look at our wonderful French booklets. Year 2-6, you can work through at your own pace on these booklets. 


Years 2-6 French Home learning. 

There are different topics to cover and on each topic there are 3 sections to it. 

Students can also go onto http://french-games.net and pick any topic to learn and can also play some fun games after you've learnt important vocab. 


 A is for Activity – this is the QR code sheet on which the children will have six QR codes they can scan and play games using a phone or tablet. Download a QR code app on the App Store, you can then open the app and scan any QR code and go through those activities/games.


K is for Knowledge Organiser – now that the audio has been added, the children can now practise the key vocabulary and phonics for their topic and share it with their family at home.


V is for Video – this is a native speaker video that the children can watch, and join in with any activities 


Year 2+3: Years 2 and 3 should first focus on "Stage 1" and go through the activities on Months of the Year and Pets. Watch the videos so that you can practise pronunciation. When you have gone through these activities create a revision poster for the current year 1s who will soon start learning French for the first time on months of the year and pets. 


Year 4: Year 4s have recently learnt about body parts. Students should go through the activities on Stage 2 Body parts. Watch the video to practise pronunciation. 

Create your own family and label the body parts. 


Year 5: We have recently recapped clothes in year 5. On Stage 3 look at the clothes section. go through the activities and watch the video to practise pronunciation .

Draw a poster of your family with different items of clothing, colour it and write a sentence to describe what you and your family is wearing. (Je porte- I wear/I am wearing.)  (il/elle porte- he/she wears/ he/she is wearing) (Ils/elles portent- they wear/they are wearing)

e.g. Je porte un jean bleu et des chaussettes noirs. 


Year 6: On stage 4 go through as many activities from all sections as you can to recap the whole learning you have done throughout your wonderful time at Westbrook Old Hall. Create a revision poster/booklet with all your knowledge of French that you can take with you to Year 7 in September to show off your wonderful knowledge of French to your teachers!