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With all the concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and how this might impact schools and your child’s learning, we wanted to offer you some ideas to help you continue their education during any potential school closures. 

We also appreciate that keeping children engaged in their learning whilst at home is not going to be easy and so we have provided links to a range of content for your child that can be completed independently or with adult support.

For independent learning and games, we recommend using Classroom Secrets Kids.  Packed with fun and engaging content, this online learning platform will guarantee to keep your child learning independently.  Parents will need to register and create a free account for each child in the household before accessing these resources.  Registration is easy and explained clearly on the site.

In the event of a school closure, staff will update this page with daily activities to complete. If the page is not updated, please refer to the class packs above.

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Addition Sentences

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Addition using a number line

The Three Little Pigs Learning Challenge

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Addition sentences

Ways to keep healthy example

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NUMBERJACKS | Getting Heavy | S1E8

The Spooky Spoon is making light things heavy - 5 and 3 fly out. Numberjacks: 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 Agents: 53, 16, 68, 85 FUN FACT! WHAT is Numberjacks? It is all a...

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Don't forget when using the Phonics Play website for the games below use

Username: march20

Password: home 

Weight activity

To start children’s understanding of weight we first get them to hold items and describe how they feel.

  • Ask your child to look at the 2 groups of items from yesterday.
  • Choose 2 items for your child from the light group, that you know will have a difference in weight.
  • Ask your child to hold 1 in each hand, ask them which one feels heavier and which one feels lighter?
  • Repeat this for 2 items from the heavy group.
  • Keep repeating this with other items from the groups to support your child to understand that we can compare 2 things to say _ is heavier than _ and _ is lighter than _.