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Early Years

Welcome to Early Years

The Teachers in the Early Years are:

Mrs Johnson and Miss Earley


The Teaching Assistants in the Early Years are:

Mrs Good and Mrs Wilson. 

Hello to all of our new parents! We wish we could meet you in person to tell you all about the school day in reception, but in the meantime, please read the information we have provided. It will help you to understand a little more about how your child's school day will run. If you have any questions after you have read it, please email your child's class teacher. Thank you!

Halloween Day

We had a wonderful last day of our first half term in reception. 

We dressed up, had Halloween P.E., did Halloween activities and had Halloween treats. 


Enjoy your well earned half term holiday everybody!

See you soon!

Happy Birthday Westie!

We had a fantastic day celebrating Westie's birthday. We had a party, played party games, did some party dancing and of course no party would be complete without party food and a birthday cake!

Westie even sent us a special thank you message!

We are now reading the story 'Kipper's Birthday.'

The children recently found out that it is Westie's birthday soon too!

They are very excited about this and have been busy writing birthday cards and party invitations. They have also been making party hats, play-doh birthday cakes, mud birthday cakes, all ready for Westie's birthday!

The children have been making repeating patterns and exploring shapes by making arrangements and pictures with them.

Some children made necklaces designed as a repeating pattern and some children decided to use natural objects that they found in the outdoor area. 

There were some fantastic pictures with shapes. I love the one a child made of their dad! The children loved arranged the large shapes in the outdoor area. We have disco floors, to rockets and even a farm!

We started our school year with the story 'Owl Babies' 

The children loved the story and would often retell it to their friends. They made owl collages using natural natural materials and other creative resources. Some children drew pictures of some of the characters and wrote their name! 

Well done children!