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Early Years

Welcome to Early Years

The Teachers in the Early Years are:

Mrs Johnson and Miss Earley

The Teaching Assistants in the Early Years are:

Mrs Good and Mrs Wilson. 


School year 2020-2021

Hello to all of our new parents! We wish we could meet you in person to tell you all about the school day in reception, but in the mean time, please read the information we have provided. It will help you to understand a little more about how your child's school day will run. If you have any questions after you have read it, please email your child's class teacher.Thank you!

School year 2019-2020

Hello reception!

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EY Golden Apple Winners 26.06.2020

EY Golden Apple Winners 03.06.2020

What are you doing at home?

Email your teachers things that you are doing at home and we will add them to this page for your friends to see!

What an amazing treasure map. I hope Niamh found the treasure!

William has been having lots of fun at home!

Matthew used his toy cars to help work out the subtraction questions today. Well done Matthew!

Joseph has been working hard with his home learning. Well done!

Leo has been working hard with his home learning. Well done Leo!

Pirate Ben!

Billy has been busy at home!

Billy taking part in sports week! Athlete in the making!

Jake has been using the internet to research dinosaurs!

Sports Week fun at Joseph's house

Divam has been busy! Learning to ride his bike without stabilisers! Nursing a poorly pigeon! Completing sports week! Making breakfast! Well done Divam

Sports Week fun at Joseph's house!

Sports week fun at Ben's house!

Look at the amazing work that Joseph has been doing at home!

Look at the great poster's that Jake and Niamh have made!

Jessica's igloo. Well done!

Tasty Igloo!

Well done Evie

I love that cake Jaden!

This all looks like lots of fun!

Niamh’s amazing Westie impression!!

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Mason has been having fun with his sister!

Frankie's snake. It has brown eyes becuase she has brown eyes and a red mouth because mouths are red!

Joseph has enjoyed his work on animals!

I love this model Giraffe Jessica!

Sammy's Lion!

Naimh's Sleepy Bear!

Ben's Play Doh Snake!

Jaden these pictures are fantastic!

Good sharing Evie! Keep up the good work!

What lovely writing Ben!

Evie doing odd and even numbers. Fantastic work Evie!

What a beautiful piece of art Roopa!

Happy birthday Jaden! Have a fantastic day!

“This is my dragonfly Mrs Johnson. He flutters & I enjoyed making him.”

Lovely writing Joseph A!

Well done Harry!

Happy Birthday Matthew!! A personal visit from the ice-cream van, a bouncy castle and message off the police!

Fantastic writing Abigail!

Matthew enjoying his lunch and learning at the same time! Great job!!

Getting ready for VE day!

Phoebe's amazing animal fact file

WOW Jaden look at all your hard work! Keep it up!

Divam has been very creative. Even doing activities set for his older sister! Flower saucer!

Aysha is very proud of her drawing. What a pretty fairy!

Having fun and learning!

The rocket!

Well done Abigail! She's got that Friday feeling motivation I think!

Jaden has been working hard! Well done :)

Our messages have been framed! Thanks girls!

Harry's story about the play-doh man and the fairies! They even came to life!


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Great work Abigail!

Ben has been painting!

Chrysalids, weather stations and tents!

Teddy Bear's Picnic!

We all brought a teddy into school for our teddy bear's picnic. 

We made jam sandwiches in the morning and let our teddies have a snooze whilst we went for lunch. 

They didn't stay a sleep though! 

Instead they went to explore the school but didn't return in time for afternoon register. 

So we had to go on a BEAR HUNT!

We found clues around our school which led us to the hall where our teddies were waiting for us!

We set out our picnic blankets, grabbed our teddies and enjoys our yummy jam sandwiches, biscuits and juice.

We'll definately go on a bear hunt again!


We all brought our toys in to show our friends. 

We talked about each one and how they worked. 

We then got to write about our favourite toy in our busy bee book.

We had the pantomime in school!

Oh yes we did!!

The children loved watching the pantomime; singing, shouting and cheering along with all the characters!

Songs for Christmas!

We are so proud of all the children.

They worked so hard and it all paid off when they performed in front of everyone.

I don't think there was a dry eye in the room!

Well done EY!

Christmas Dinner!!

We all enjoyed the Christmas dinner. 

It was empty plates all round!

Investigating light and colours

Anti-Bullying Week 

During Anti-Bullying Week we made kind and helping hands.

We loved wearing our odd socks and styling our hair.



We also made a pledge, 'change starts with a smile.'



We are learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali.

Thank you to one of our children for the lovely Diwali card.


We even had a go at making our own Diwali cards. 



Our first half term at school!

Art Week

In art week we painted, collaged and did lots of sticking!

Westie Sent us a letter!

He told us that is was his birthday soon and he had never had a birthday party! He asked if we could tell him about our birthday parties. We made birthday cards, wrote invitations and then had a party on his birthday! 

Owl Babies

We are reading 'Owl Babies' and thinking about families. We looked at photographs of each others families and talked about how our families are all different and special.  

Image result for owl babies

We have been thinking about what makes us special. We decided that our birthday is special to us. We looked closely in a mirror and then decorated a plate so that it looked like our face. We put our plate faces on the wall to show the month that we were born. 


We have been learning about our new school. We thought about how we should behave in our classroom and looked at the School Rules. To show that we agreed with them we put our hand prints next to them!