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Anti-Bullying Week - 16th - 20th November, 2020

Welcome, all to Anti-Bullying Week 2020!


This year, more than any other, we have seen the power of society and communities coming together to make a positive impact on a shared problem - the global Covid pandemic! 


This week, as a whole school community, we are pledging to work together to maintain our common goal of ensuring that bullying does not occur or take any kind of hold in our school.  Through our collective powers and shared values of: kindness, respect and celebration of difference,  we are coming together as individual pieces of this particular puzzle, and UNITING against bullying.

What is happening in School this week?


Your child will be exploring different aspects of rude, unkind, mean and bullying behaviours in order to understand how to recognise, react and handle any bullying behaviour they or others may encounter, including: verbal; physical; indirect and cyber/on-line/social media bullying.  They will be watching videos, listening and humming along to songs, as well as completing circle times, discussions, tasks, and making displays - in order to ensure that they know how to look after themselves and others safely and respectfully at all times.   


As the week progresses, key messages will appear on this Anti-Bullying Week page, together with updates of work and activities accomplished in school, together with suggestions for additional things to do, read or watch, within our Anti-Bullying theme.   Feel free to check them out daily! 


ON FRIDAY, our week will culminate with 'ODD SOCKS DAY' a celebration which will involve your child COMING TO SCHOOL IN ODD SOCKS, as a way of indicating that we are all UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT, yet, at the same time, EQUAL AND THE SAME! 

Westie's Odd Socks - Celebrating Difference

Still image for this video

How can we play our part as parents and carers?


It may be helpful for you to take a look at the attached tool for parents and carers, titled: 'A Tool for Parents and Carers - United Against Bullying' produced by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.  It contains reading around a number of key issues, including: how to talk and support your child at home; some activities that your child could do at home; and through links to SafeToNet, understand ONE way of keeping your children safer on line.  In addition there are links to sources of advice and support - helpful both right now, and anytime in the future.   

Anti-Bullying Week 2020 - A Tool for Parents and Carers - Unite Against Bullying.

So, without further ado, let's all RISE TO THE CHALLENGE OF UNITING AGAINST BULLYING!  Watch this space!